"Auntie forgive me, we will go in," Tao Hong immediately hung her head and said

"Auntie forgive me, we will go in," Tao Hong immediately hung her head and said, and Liu Lu beside her was silent. Aunt Jiang felt more and more that the two maids could not be put on the table, so she threw them away and went inside, but before she lifted the curtain inside, a white porcelain teacup flew over with tea foam. It's just that it didn't hit the curtain on this side, it only hit the wall next to it, but the tea splashed all of a sudden. Didn't I tell you to go out and leave me alone? Xie Mingfang's desperate voice suddenly penetrated the bead curtain. Aunt Jiang stood in the doorway for a long time without opening her mouth. After a long time, Xie Mingfang looked up and looked at the people standing outside through the bead curtain. She stops at a draught, ask urgently: "Did you hit aunt?" When Aunt Jiang saw that she was still concerned about herself, her feet were like lead, and she could no longer lift them. She married her cousin as a concubine for the sake of splendor and wealth. Fortunately, her cousin was tolerant, and her wife was not so intolerant, so she had a good life. But the pain of being a concubine was not unknown to her, but she still let her daughter be a concubine. No, no, Aunt Jiang immediately looked up and remembered what her sister-in-law had said to her in the jewelry shop. Mingfang was going in to be a side concubine,Inflatable outdoor park, and the second prince was going to be the king. The side imperial concubines of Prince Chaoyipin are not comparable to ordinary concubines. Moreover, the second prince's mother and concubine were the imperial concubines of the imperial concubine Wen, and his mother clan was the official mansion of the State of Tang. He had a better chance than anyone else to ascend the throne of God. When the time comes, Ming Fang is the head of a palace, the imperial concubine, the imperial concubine, and even the position of the empress is not impossible to plot. As soon as Aunt Jiang thought of this,inflatable floating water park, her eyes flashed with infinite fanaticism. If her daughter had become an imperial concubine and an empress, she would have seen that the Xie family could still treat themselves as they do now, and that they could still treat the Jiang family like this. I'm all right. "Aunt Jiang was about to lift the curtain and go in to talk.". But as soon as Xie Mingfang heard her say it was all right, she suddenly said, "Aunt, don't come in again." Aunt Jiang was stunned by what she said. She was stunned for a long time and suddenly said with a smile, "How can I talk to the girl if I don't go in?". "Now the girl and I are the only ones left in the yard, and we two have a good talk." Her words were affectionate, but Xie Mingfang seemed not to have heard them. Her ears were still echoing with the lively sound of blowing and beating. Big sister should have been picked up. It is such a lively and festive scene to explore the flower husband and the bright red wedding dress. If she gets married that day, I'm afraid the Xie family won't even set up a banquet. She would only be carried in by a small pink sedan chair from the side door of the palace, and her eldest brother would not hold her at the door, nor would anyone write a makeup poem for her. There's nothing left. This doesn't exist anymore. Aunt don't come in, if aunt must come in, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable castle with slide, I'm afraid I can't keep the secret to aunt any more, "Xie Mingfang said coldly.". Auntie Jiang was startled and remembered that she had said she wanted to tell Xie Shuyuan that day, so she began to feel cold. Because Mingfang wanted to go to the palace to choose a concubine, she begged her wife, saying that she wanted to go to the best treasure pavilion in the city to make a piece of jewelry for the girl, which was also her heart to the girl. Xiao Shi originally did not agree, but later the old lady came forward, accompanied by Ming Lan, and she was able to get out. Her elder brother stayed in Suzhou for a long time and earned a lot of money, so he did not go to Jinling with Xie Shuyuan, but returned to the capital. Now the Jiang family is no longer relying on a small shop to support, the elder brother in the city and bought two shops, are the top of the way to make money. And this time the matter of making jewelry for the two girls was also brought up by her sister-in-law. However, because the Jiang family was not allowed to enter the Xie family again, it was not easy to pass the matter in. But when she went to the Treasure Pavilion and saw her sister-in-law, she handed herself a hairpin that had been made long ago, and said something about the two princes. It turned out that Tang Guogong had only been in contact with Xie Shuyuan once, and he knew that a man like him would not want to marry his daughter to a prince as a side concubine. So he simply tried to find a way from another place, and now he has made such a thing. I don't know what kind of benefits the Wen family has given your aunt, but I just want to say that if the second prince wants to win over his father through me, it's really a big mistake. "Xie Mingfang suddenly laughed at himself. She looked at Aunt Jiang through the beaded curtain and said, "Of all the brothers and sisters in our family, I am the least favored by my father.". Even if I joined the princess as a side concubine, the Xie family is just one more abandoned daughter. If the second prince is married to the sixth sister today, I think he has a little chance. But now he's just wasting his time. "Girl," Aunt Jiang was frightened by her words and wished she could kneel down and beg her immediately. Mingfang added, "I used to fight with my elder sister and my sixth sister everywhere, but what about now?". The elder sister married the promising Tanhualang, and the sixth sister must be married seriously in the future. Who, like me, was carried across the house in a soft sedan chair? "Why is the girl so self-deprecating?" Auntie Jiang was distressed by her words. "Mingfang gave a sneer and said," Auntie, go back. I want to have a rest. "Dad, my daughter doesn't want to be a concubine or a concubine. I beg Dad to save my daughter." In the darkness, a man sat up. The man lying next to him opened his eyes in surprise at his loud noise. Xiao Shi was still a little confused. She looked up at the man in the dark and asked softly, "What's wrong? But I had a nightmare?" "I dreamed that Mingfang was crying with me, saying that she didn't want to be a concubine." Xie Shuyuan felt that his whole back was wet with sweat, and his forehead was even sweaty. In the blink of an eye, the sweat rolling down his eyebrows suddenly seeped into his eyes. " No, I want to go and have a look. "Xie Shuyuan said that he would lift the quilt and get up.". Even Xiao got up because of him. She put her hand on Xie Shuyuan's hand and said, "Although you are my father, it's not good to go to the girl's yard in the middle of the night.". Besides, it's just a dream you had. I think you've been worried too much about it recently,inflatable floating water park, so you dreamed about it. Xie Shuyuan breathed a sigh of relief, but still said: "But my heart is always uneasy." At this time, the servant girl who kept vigil outside also got up.


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