Legend of the Fox

"Water pump.." It's a way of pumping water out of low-lying areas..

"Water pump.." It's a way of pumping water out of low-lying areas.. Conveying to machines elsewhere. Uh. It also has some other uses. In short. It's a good thing. As if explaining the workings of a lathe to a farmer. Filna racked her brains to explain the role of water. Not that bad. The intelligence quotient of these people is significantly higher than that of ordinary farmers. Under her words and gestures. Roughly understand the role of the pump. However. These guys don't care about home affairs. Soon there will be little interest. Firna suddenly thought of a possibility. Since the pump is powered by magic crystals. Those machines.. Will machines such as combine harvesters use the same energy? Think of this. Filna ran quickly to a combine. I dug out an operation manual from under the workbench. Sure enough. The energy used by these machines is also magic crystal. Firna suddenly thought of a very important question, regardless of the energy consumption of these machines, how many magic crystals are needed to meet the long-term operation of these machines? Poor Filna was trapped in a strange circle of annoyance and happiness. Filna, is there something wrong? Rodman asked with concern when he saw Filna's face flickering with joy and sorrow. Oh, it's all right. Let's go to the next warehouse. Fierna suddenly stood up and jumped down from the harvester. When the door slowly closed behind her, Filna and others had come to the front of the second warehouse. Enter the password-open the warehouse door.. Everything is done according to the procedure. The warehouse was neatly stacked with rows and rows of cold weapons, armor, lances, bows and arrows. There are all kinds of offensive and defensive equipment, just all kinds of crossbows are a hundred times more novel than Firna's design. The most surprising thing for Firna is that in one room of Warehouse 2, there is a batch of special equipment that can arm a large group-that is, to make knight armor, guns and swords with the building materials of the warehouse. Praise the Campas! Firna sincerely thanks the pioneers from Earth who left behind not only objects, but also their knowledge and wisdom. The distance of the third warehouse is a little far, Filna they have not passed, those who were ordered to come to clean the underground city of Beamon warriors have come, Filna explained in detail the matters needing attention, this will open the door of the third warehouse. Compared with the first Arsenal full of cold weapons,Vending Machine Motor, the third warehouse is full of high-tech weapons. On the tall metal brackets, there are all kinds of weapons. From small magic guide pistols to large individual magic guide cannons, if you want to equip the army, it is estimated that one or two divisions are equipped with more than enough, but. Where can I find so many magic crystals? Compared with Firna, Rodman and others are ignorant and have no worries. Looking at these strange things, their eyes are blurred. Four people are like Granny Liu entering the Grand View Garden. They can't wait to see them. Anyway, they are ownerless things. It should be said that these are now owned by Paso, and several people who add up to thousands of years old have begun to touch here and there, full of curiosity about these things. My Lord, Micro Gear Motor ,brushless gear motor, these.. Are they all artifacts? The shadow was the first one to return to normal, not because of his superhuman strength, but because he already had a vague answer in his mind. Have you seen it before? Filna asked curiously. Shadow nodded and then shook his head, which made Filna laugh. "Shadow, what kind of dumb fan are you? I don't understand." Shadow is probably a little embarrassed, although the face is hidden under the cloak, but from the tone of voice can still feel: "In our goblin clan, there is an ancient picture scroll, which records the great events in the history of our goblin clan with pictures and texts, including one picture and text." The shape of this, He was holding a magic pistol. The God gives the weapon and the ancestor, attacks and kills the alien race. When the ancestor dies, the God takes it back. What Ying Jilai said was quite similar to ancient Chinese, and it was not easy for Filna to understand it. This is what he meant when translated into the vernacular: At that time, God gave his ancestors an artifact (this magic guide pistol), and his ancestors used this pistol to kill many aliens (with the assassination skills of the goblins, it is estimated that the dead are probably not insignificant people), and the war lasted for many years. This ancestor also made many achievements with this God-given weapon. Later, the ancestor died in battle, and in order not to cause unnecessary fighting, God took the artifact back. What a stingy.. God 。” Filna commented irreverently. The shadow rolled his eyelids. The Lord seemed to be not very respectful to the society he believed in. It seemed impossible to expect her to be respectful to the gods of the other world, and. After nearly ten thousand years of suffering, the goblins do not have much respect for the gods they believe in. No. Phil.. Na suddenly . Think of one thing. : "Shadow, of course you goblins should be the demon's men, right?"? How can they be called'gods'? Shadow rolled his eyes. "Demons, that's what you call us. We have always been the children of the gods. It's the gods you respect. They are the absolute demons." A different ideology! . Filna was suddenly dumb ——. It's like a child fighting a war. Accusing each other of "you are a bad person", the so-called judgment criteria are all punctuated by themselves.. She suddenly thought of a great possibility, the so-called gods and demons are not the same group of people? I'll ask the dandelion after a while. Warehouse 4 is filled with mountains of magic crystals, which makes Filna feel much more comfortable. With these magic crystals and this huge reserve of magic crystal mine, there will be some buffer when using those high-tech equipment and machines. The clean-up work outside was almost over, and Firna ordered the officers who led the team to clean up all the zombies and mutant creatures and burn them outside the mine,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, and to teach them to carry out simple protection-covering their mouths and noses with wet cloth. The last thing to check was the cold storage, which contained not only the seeds that Filna was most interested in, but also the biochemical eggs that were both horrible and expected. 'Boom '. ichgearmotor.com


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