Talk about money, talk about love

Twenty-four years of good temper and good self-restraint finally broke out when he returned home

Twenty-four years of good temper and good self-restraint finally broke out when he returned home and saw Miao Tinglan looking at him calmly, "Mom!" Full of questions and accusations, but after calling out these two words, all of them were blocked in their throats, and all the suppressed discontent from small to large was like a volcanic eruption trying to find a vent, but all of them were crowded together and did not know where to start. Miao Tinglan looked at the angry daughter standing in front of her and said lightly after half a ring: "I cheated you today. I'm sorry. Mom just wants you to know what kind of man you are suitable for." Wen Ru looked at her mother, who had no sense of guilt, and suddenly laughed, with a bitter smile: "You let me know?"? You let me know what I am suitable for? Mom, do you think you are suitable for my father? Maybe you think it's suitable, but I don't think it's very suitable! Dad is gentle and tolerant, but what about you? Strong, paranoid! No matter where you look, it doesn't fit! So, if I don't think you're suitable, you must not be suitable? Miao Tinglan squinted at her excited daughter and turned up her lips: "Yes, this is what mom wants to tell you. You think your father and I are not suitable. However, on the contrary, your father and I are very suitable, because our family environment is almost the same. We grew up with a good education, so our suitability is built on the same growth background and educational environment." But you and the second generation of coal are just the opposite. Your environment is different from the beginning. Does he understand your painting and calligraphy? Can he understand what you wrote? He is a businessman, mercenary, but your mother has not taught you this thing since childhood, you are young now, think love is everything,artificial coconut palm trees, but love has a shelf life, shelf life has passed? Do you think you will be suitable? Wen Ru suddenly felt tired. She didn't understand why her key points were always misinterpreted by her mother. Looking at her mother's stubborn appearance, she said slowly: "Jin Xin is not the second generation of coal who can't do anything. He grew up with the same national education as me. He was admitted to the key major of Shanghai University by his own ability. I have the same educational environment as him." The only difference is that he doesn't have the flashy things I do, but does it matter? According to you, does dad need to know medicine? Do you want to understand machinery? "Don't always take me and your father as examples. What is your boyfriend like to your father?" Miao Tinglan sulked and stared at her daughter and said, "What kind of person is your father? What kind of person is he? Your wings are hard. You casually compare a man with your father!" Why can't I compare my father with him? Dad said he was good! Wen Ru, trying to control her anger, looked at her mother and said, "You haven't even seen anyone. How do you know he's not as good as Dad?"? Besides, in my heart, he and my father are my most important people, they are equally excellent! Wen Ru's refutation made Miao Tinglan's anger burn more and more. Listening to every word of Jin Xin, she said angrily, artificial banyan trees ,silk ficus tree, "It's impossible!"! No matter how important it is, I'm your mother, and I won't agree! Wen Ru looked at her mother and murmured, "Mom, do you think you can decide everything about me if you give birth to me?"? Do you take me as an independent person? Or a talking toy without a thought? You're hurting in the name of love! The daughter's final complaint made Miao Tinglan furious. With a bang, a clear and loud sound interrupted all the conversations between mother and daughter. Wen Ru stared at her furious mother until a burning pain came from her cheek. She could not believe that her mother had slapped her in the face. Tears fell on the ground, and the mother in front of her gradually became blurred, "Mom.." Wen Ru sobbed in a low voice and blinked her hot and sour eyes. Tears flowed down her cheeks. There was another burst of pain. She only felt that her whole heart was twisted together. The pain made her unable to breathe. She gasped for breath. After half a ring, she gently raised her hand to wipe away the tears. She looked at Miao Tinglan, who was still angry in front of her, and said softly, "Mom!" Let's separate and calm down for a while before we continue to talk about this topic. Sister Hui looked at Wen Ru, who turned to go out, and stepped forward worriedly to stop her: "Xiao Ru..." "Let her go!" Miao Tinglan pinched the hand that she had just slapped her daughter in the face, stared at Wen Ru's back without looking back, and shouted in a low voice: "Let her go!"! Save me the trouble of seeing her angry! Then she thought of something, turned to the sofa, picked up her cell phone with trembling hands, dialed a few numbers, heard the content of her phone, Huijie hurriedly came forward to persuade: "Aunt Lan, what are you doing, Xiao Ru lives outside, you.." Stop all her cards. What should she do? Miao Tinglan felt so angry that she had a pain in her chest. She raised her hand and gently covered her chest. She looked at the door bitterly and said bitterly, "I want to let her know that life is not just about love!" In autumn, the weather in Shanghai was pleasant, but Wen Ru felt a chill on her body. She looked back at the familiar roof and the rose bushes still surrounding her bedroom window, and tears came to her eyes again. Sitting in the back of the taxi, Wen Ru looked numbly at the tall buildings on both sides and smiled bitterly. It was not necessary to think of any reason to go to see Jin Xin. Sorry, miss, this card may be abnormal and can not be used. Wen Ru looked at the card handed back by the airport service lady and blinked with some confusion: "Can't you use it?"? It's impossible. I used it two days ago. The waitress looked at Wen Ru with a smile and transferred the display screen of the credit card machine to her. On the bright white backlight, a line of black words was very obvious, "This card is abnormal or suspended service, thank you." Wen Ru felt a little messy and took out another card from her wallet and handed it over: "Look at this one.." "I'm sorry." "This one, and this one?" The waitress looked at the subtitles of the credit card machine with regret and looked at Wen Ru with an expression of regret: "Sorry, I can't use it." Wen Ru stared at a few pieces thrown on the counter, opened her mouth, felt like a mouthful of cotton stuffed in her throat, blocked her heart sour, her eyes uncontrollably sour, trembling took out her cell phone and dialed the customer service phone of these banks,fake blossom tree, when she heard the answer she had already guessed, tears rolled down her eyes in an instant, and she hung up silently. He hung his head and didn't know what he was thinking.


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