Prehistoric Terran Warrior

"This catastrophe is more important than the last one. Our demon clan

"This catastrophe is more important than the last one. Our demon clan suffered heavy losses in the last catastrophe. His Majesty the Demon Emperor and His Majesty the Demon Emperor also fell in the last catastrophe.". And this time in the amount of plunder, although with the support of the prince, my demon clan will not suffer a great loss, but we also need to be careful, not at will contaminated with cause and effect. The most important thing is that this time in the amount of plunder will meet the people of the sorcery clan, not at will with the people of the sorcery clan conflict, affect the whole amount of plunder in my demon clan things "speaking is the demon clan kunpeng, kunpeng is the demon clan's demon master, is now the highest status in the demon clan, but is in charge of the demon family, and the prince mentioned by Kun Peng is also officially land pressure.". Originally Kunpeng was very worried about his family in this amount of robbery, but after seeing the land pressure, Kunpeng's heart was also moving, but it was settled down, after all, to be able to get along with Hongjun and others on an equal footing, it must not be low,ultrasonic dispersion machine, so Kunpeng also has some confidence in this amount of robbery. Not only the members of the demon clan gathered together, but also several other great clans of the prehistoric world gathered together to explain things to their own people. Just like the sorcery clan, the immortal clan, the vegetation clan, and other races in the prehistoric world, these big clans all attach great importance to this robbery. After all, these big clans all have the existence of Hongjun,ultrasonic spray nozzle, so they are very clear about these things. In the center of several saints, there were also people sitting on futons in the main hall, listening attentively to the orders of their masters. Several sages also attached great importance to this quantity plunder, so they gathered all their disciples together and carefully explained this quantity plunder. While everyone was paying attention to these things, there was a shock in the western part of the prehistoric world, which directly affected the whole prehistoric world, and several saints also turned their attention to the place of this shock. And the center of this shock is on the West Sea of the prehistoric world, which is also within the western part of the original prehistoric world. See the whole sea area around a black breath constantly gathered, and this black aura is the magic gas. With the continuous convergence of the magic gas, the whole area is also completely wrapped together by this magic gas, the whole area of life is also infected by this magic gas body breath changes, the original peaceful life is also becoming violent. After all, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic cutting machine, this evil spirit can draw out the demons of a practitioner, but it magnifies and releases the desires of the practitioner, but as long as the living beings have firm beliefs, they can also resist such temptations. And as this magic gas continues to become thick, in the center of the whole region, an attractive force is generated, after this attractive force is generated, the surrounding magic gas is also beginning to converge rapidly, and the rapid qualitative change occurs. And when the continuous convergence of this magic gas produces qualitative change, the surrounding space also begins to vibrate with this magic gas, and the ripples of space continue to spread around, and with the continuous expansion of this vibration, the surrounding space begins to break, producing a series of space cracks. The generation of this space crack, a stream of magic gas from the space crack overflow, the surrounding magic gas is also becoming more thick, space cracks are constantly becoming bigger. And when these space cracks continue to expand, they continue to converge together, and finally form a huge space crack, forming a door of space. At the time of the formation of the door of space, a more intense magic gas gushed out from the door of space, quickly covering the surrounding area completely, but it was more intense than at the beginning, but the whole area was completely turned into a magic domain. After the door of space stabilized, a figure emerged from the door of space, but the figure was very bent, but the momentum of the body was completely restrained, but it gave people a very mysterious feeling. a href = Qidian Chinese Network welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! Chapter two hundred will start the war. Updated August 20, 2012 20:36:36 Words: 2588 The appearance of the Demons makes several races in the prehistoric world pay great attention to it, and even a few saints dare not look down upon it. Remembering the old man who came out of the door of space, several people felt a shock in their hearts. They thought that there were only Hongjun and others above their saints. Even if they had participated in the battle to encircle and suppress the Demons and had seen the great magical powers of the Demons, several people also knew several capable people of the Demons. And the appearance of this old man, they also know that the heart demon Lao Zu is the Demon Lao Zu who is second only to the Demon Luo. And in the last catastrophe, this heart demon Lao Zu's cultivation is only the peak of the quasi-saint, but it is much worse than Luo, but I did not expect that now it is better than several saints, the hearts of several saints are also shocked by this scene. After all, several sages became sages by chance,ultrasonic generator driver, and they got Hongmeng Ziqi to break through. Now the promotion of cultivation is very slow, but the demons in their hearts have achieved such cultivation without Hongmeng Ziqi, and their hearts are full of doubts.


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