You win when you're drunk.

As soon as we heard this, we were worried. It turned out that it was really a cult, and there was no way to deal with it. We are all ordinary people,

"What's the matter?" Asked the female boss in surprise? Is this wine not good? Yin Feng hands like electricity, buckle to the female boss pulse door. The female boss suddenly sank and disappeared. It turned out that there was a mechanism under the place where she was sitting. Yin Feng picked up the motionless Xiao Yun and dodged into the door. However, in the middle of his journey, he lost all his strength, so that he fell to the ground and rolled together with Xiao Yun. Yin Feng looked at Xiao Yun and said, "Those women are really good at acting, but how can you catch the way?" According to Xiao Yun's invulnerable constitution, she should not be subject to any kind of medicine. Xiao Yun smiled helplessly and said, "Now we have at least three kinds of toxins. When any one of them exists in the body alone, it will not affect the human body, but.." "Three in one goes wrong!" Yin Feng finished on her behalf and said with a wry smile, "I can't hold on!" He felt dizzy and his eyes were black. Xiao Yun's voice flickered faintly in his ear: "There is a fourth kind of medicine blowing just now, and I can't do it either. Let's.." This time.. Want Terrible.. Xiao Yun woke up in a daze, feeling as if there were thousands of hammers beating in her head. "So that's what it feels like to be drunk?" She groaned. A fragrant breeze blew,Sex Enhancement Powder, and a soft and greasy voice said sweetly, "Are you awake?"? Drink the contents of this bowl and you'll feel better. Xiao Yun opened her eyes and saw a beautiful woman in front of her. She had a girlish face and the temperament of a mature woman. Xiao Yun could not guess how old she was. Xiao Yun stubbornly pursed her lips and refused to touch the juice in the bowl between her lips. "Don't you have a headache?" The beautiful woman asked gently? Why don't you drink this tranquilizer? Xiao Yun was too lazy to pay attention to her, so she just rolled her eyes and looked at where she was. This is a very romantic woman's room, whether it is curtains, gauze, tassels or carpets,L Methylfolate Factory, are soft red and pink as the main color. With such an effect, the people who are here today are unconsciously enthusiastic and excited. Xiao Yun frowned and curled her lips with little appreciation, and intuited that the owner of the house must be a person with a special character, so he would decorate his bedroom in this way. The beautiful woman spoke softly again: "You don't seem to like it here?"? Do you only like black? Why don't you open your mouth? Are you mad at me? Xiao Yun pushed away the medicine bowl on her lips. She had a headache and suddenly shouted, "Yin Feng, where are you?" "In a dark dungeon!" The beautiful woman's sweet voice and Yin Feng's weak thoughts came into Xiao Yun's ears and brain at the same time. Xiao Yun breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It's good that you're not dead. I'm here. You can't just die!" "I can't die for the time being, but I've been tampered with passively and my power is restricted." Finally, his brain is still clear, in order to maintain communication with Xiao Yun. Staring at the woman in front of her, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Quillaja Saponin, Xiao Yun asked, "Who are you?"? Why are you arresting us? Why did you lock Yin Feng in the dungeon? What are you trying to do by being so nice to me? Where the hell are we now? The beautiful woman smiled gently and said, "If you drink the medicine, I will tell you everything." Xiao Yun seemed to want to see through each other's heart and looked at the beautiful woman for a long time. She giggled and said, "Just drink. I've been tired of this trick of detoxifying poison since I was a child." She really drank the juice in the bowl in one gulp. "You are just as smart as I imagined. I really like you more and more," said the woman with a gentle smile. Somehow, Xiao Yun suddenly felt that the beautiful woman's words made her feel nervous, as if something was wrong. Answer Xiao Yun put aside the strange idea in her heart and asked for an answer directly. The beautiful woman smiled tenderly and said leisurely, "I am a psychedelic fairy. I was entrusted by a religious leader to catch you.". I put the smelly man surnamed Yin in the dungeon, of course, to coerce you, I am good to you, because I like you, want to keep you with me, so you should know where you are! "I don't know!" Xiao Yun shook her head blankly. "If you don't tell me, how can I guess?" "Don't you know who I am?" Asked the psychedelic fairy. "Is it necessary for me to know who you are?" Asked Xiao Yun strangely? Are you also famous in Jianghu? The psychedelic fairy seemed to find Xiao Yun's question very interesting and couldn't help laughing. Yun, the psychedelic fairy is the most mysterious and horrible female devil in the world today. If necessary, you have to try to escape first, do you know? Yin Feng's anxious and anxious mood was something that Xiao Yun had never seen before. Xiao Yun couldn't help thinking, "Is she really that terrible?"? But she seems to be gentle! "Femme fatale, understand?" The psychedelic fairy looked at Xiao Yun in a misty way and said with a soft smile, "Silly girl, have you ever heard of the psychedelic palace?" "I've heard of it!" Xiao Yun said innocently, "It was not until a while ago that Yin Feng told me that a Zuo Shi also knew the martial arts of the Magic Palace. I just knew that there was another one called the Magic Palace in Jianghu. Oh, I know.." Xiao Yun was suddenly enlightened and said, "Your name is the Psychedelic Fairy. You are probably the master of the Psychedelic Palace. No wonder you want to help a religion to catch us. So you have been in collusion with each other for a long time." "Bah!" The psychedelic fairy spat coquettishly, "What is a religion? It doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath with the psychedelic palace. As for the concentrated phantom, it's just an exchange condition. This time, although I successfully captured you and the arc eagle, it depends on whether I am happy or not." "Oh?" "I think you'd better teach us together," said Xiao Yun earnestly. "Why?" Asked the psychedelic fairy in surprise? A religion will not give up until it kills you. Aren't you afraid of death? "What is there to be afraid of?" "Anyway, people have to die sooner or later," said Xiao Yun simply. "If you die early, you can still be born early. But the point is that we know a little about how many times we have fought with a religion. It's not so easy for them to want us to die. But I don't know what the magic palace is at all.". In your hands,Glucono Delta Lactone, it is difficult for me to control my own life and death situation, so I would rather bet with a professor, the chance of winning is much greater! 。


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