Take the Lord to visit the flood and famine

As soon as we heard this, we were worried. It turned out that it was really a cult, and there was no way to deal with it. We are all ordinary people,

Mo Nan frowned and said, "Remember!"! This is the last time, if you do it again, I don't mind killing you! Words, like a real murderous look, filled in the cave, refreshing. As a citizen of the 21st century, Monan still abides by the principle that good men do not fight with women. But people have a bottom line. This little girl who doesn't know the depth of heaven and earth is too rampant. If she doesn't move, she can't be cured. Seeing the clear intention of killing in Monan's eyes, Chang Xi felt a chill in his heart, as if he had fallen into an ice cellar. The momentum on his body suddenly weakened, and he dared not refute it again. Seeing this, Xi He forced a smile and said, "Thank you, Taoist friend!" Poof! While the three men were confronting each other, a strange movement came from one side, and a strong bloody atmosphere spread out. Several people looked along the sound source and immediately froze. Chang Xi and Xi He had disbelief on their faces. While Monan's pupils shrank slightly. See, Lu Yizheng one hand into the chest of the ROC, blood gurgling out, tender face splashed with scarlet liquid, like a devil, his eyes excited, as if he had done something great. ***! With another light sound, Lu pressed his arm, holding a blood-red object in his hand, beating constantly, which was the heart of Kunpeng. Suffering from this blow, Kunpeng, who was already seriously injured, finally died! Holding the pulsating organ in both hands, Lu came to Mo Nan. He raised his excited little face and said happily, "Master, I killed Kunpeng for you!" This is yesterday's chapter, because there is no electricity, so did not upload, sorry!!! Collection, where is it? … The days of streaking are really miserable. Children's shoes, give me some collection and comfort me. [Chapter 93 Butterfly Effect!!!] "Master?" Mo Nan is stupefied, facial expression is indifferent: "You and I do not have master and apprentice predestined relationship, how to say so?" Lu Yin seemed to be unaware of his cold tone. His eyes were full of fire. "I want to worship you as my teacher," he said. Mo Nan's expression is more and more cold, staring at a face of tender face,glass cream jars, secretly shocked. This son is young, the means is so ruthless, even their own people can go to the hand, for the purpose of no means. When I grow up, I don't know what the scene is like. He did not know the former's inner worship, nor did he know his own influence on it, only from the simple action of the land pressure, made a decision. Seeing that Kun Peng's breath had disappeared, Mo Nan gave a sneer and lifted his feet out of the cave without even looking at Lu. Pow! When the latter saw this, his eyes turned pale, his red hands dropped, and his heart, which wanted to claim credit, fell to the ground. He knew that Monan had not accepted himself. Xi He and Chang Xi were shocked by what Lu Ya had done. But at this time, looking at his decadent face, Xi He, as a mother, still held him in his arms with heartache. Boom! In the sky above the flood and famine, there was a sudden sound of shaking the sky, like an explosion of thunder. After hearing this, several people hurriedly crossed to the outside and saw dense figures falling from the sky above Mount Buzhou. Nai Di Jun and others fought, 30ml dropper bottle ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, causing the sky to collapse, the big array to break, and everyone flew out. Mo Nan first turned into a rainbow and went away. Xi He and others followed closely. For a long time, arrived at the destination, looking around the situation, Mo Nan good a burst of surprise. On the ground, thousands of miles of corpses, dead air filled the air, hundreds of millions of dead souls condensed high in the sky, and never dispersed for a long time. Mo Nan saw the bodies of the ancestral witches, Xuanming, Ju Mang and so on, all of which were blown away by the huge galaxy. Including a large number of witches, demon kings, 365 star gods, no one was spared. Husband! Behind came a cry of grief, followed by Chang Xi three people by mistake. Xi He picked up a corpse, and the tears kept tilting down. She gently wiped the corpse's face with her sleeve, and after a while, a man's face appeared. It's Dijun. At this point, the dead can not die again! Chang Xi's tears are like off-line pearls, splashing on the ground, and her mouth intermittently tells the happy past between her and Emperor Jun, like memories, like nostalgia. Chang Xi and Lu Ya, standing beside her, looked a little hurt and did not dare to disturb her. Nuwa, Sanqing and the West also appeared in the vicinity one after another, looking at the outcome of the unprecedented battle. Whoosh! At this time, a figure suddenly shot up from the numerous corpses and jumped high into the sky, with his clothes in pieces, especially in a mess. Styx calmed the wound in his body and watched Monan with a cold hum. Then, he looked at the other great powers one by one, and after seeing Nuwa, his eyes changed and he fled into the distance. Sanqing and others obviously felt the improvement of the former realm, and their expressions were all moving. Looking at the figure of Styx far away, Mo Nan's eyes narrowed, this fellow is not dead? Presumably, he escaped under the protection of the rules. It seems that the strength of the pseudo-saint is much more powerful than imagined. Sister, don't! Muran, a distant exclamation, will attract Mo Nan's line of sight in the past. Just look, the mood out of control of Xi and finally can not control the yearning for the emperor, the whole body ignited a crystal flame, it is the gas of Taiyin, want to go to the afterlife with his lover. The silver-white flame burned more and more vigorously, eventually devouring the two men and turning them into a wisp of smoke. There was no sadness or joy in Lu's eyes, and it seemed that the unusual calmness should not appear on the child's face. One side of Chang Xi tears flow, very heartache. Nu Wa, who had been standing still, watched this scene and was touched by the scene. She came to the two of them and comforted them constantly. Bell! A clear sound, slowly down from the air, fell in front of Mo Nan, shining with a faint light. As soon as the latter was in a daze, his calm face suddenly rippled, his eyes turned red, and he murmured, "The East Emperor." The little bell seemed to be spiritual, and when he heard Monan's call, he suddenly shook and made a pleasant sound. This thing is the East Emperor Bell. Holding the small bell in his hand, Monan closed his eyes, felt the familiar breath of the East Emperor, and sighed slightly in his heart. Ding! Now the parasite, do you want to revive the target! Suddenly, the Lord God, who had not responded for a long time, suddenly heard a voice that made him dull. Mo Nan was stunned,Glass Cream Jars, and immediately, the divine consciousness hurriedly swept toward the small bell, and really showed a trace of the idea left by the East Emperor on it. penghuangbottle.com


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