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As soon as we heard this, we were worried. It turned out that it was really a cult, and there was no way to deal with it. We are all ordinary people,

But this time, the blue awn in his pupil only flashed a few times, and his face became uncertain, and he suddenly adjusted most of the magic power in his body. The blue awn in the eyes becomes more and more dazzling, even if other people just look at it from a distance, they will feel some pain in their eyes. Han Li's strange behavior naturally alarmed the ancestor of the Long family and the saint for thousands of years. But the two men did not speak to disturb anything, but turned their eyes with surprise and joy, watching their every move at the same time. "Brother Bai, you can also take a look at the place five thousand miles away from me to see if I'm wrong." Han Li took a deep breath and suddenly said to Bai Qi. Five thousand miles, brother Han can see so far! If it's so far away, Bai Mou can only try reluctantly. After Bai Qi looked at Han Li in surprise, he reluctantly nodded and promised. Then his head slanted, the direction of the white light sprayed out changed, and it swept away in the direction Han Li was looking at. At the same time, the white light on his body flowed for a while, and it became brighter and brighter. Sure enough, there seemed to be something there, but it was too far away for me to see clearly, and I was not sure that it was an island. After a while, the white light from Bai Qi gushed out darkened,manganese beneficiation plant, and then he said something in a deep voice. Two Taoist friends, what on earth do you see? Longjia Lao Zu couldn't help making a sound any longer. Saint Qianqiu naturally listened attentively. There was an area shrouded by thunder and lightning, and there seemed to be a dark shadow inside, but because of the power of thunder and lightning, it could not be seen too clearly. Han Li did not keep me in suspense and spoke frankly. Thunder and lightning, don't we have the same power of thunder and lightning here? What's the difference? "Saint Qianqiu frowned and asked with some puzzlement." Han Mou, who is too specific, does not need to say much,small gold wash plant, and the two Taoist friends will know when they get to the front. Han Li shook his head and replied with a strange look. All right, turn the boat around at once! Longjia Lao Zu Wen Yan said without hesitation, and then rushed to the front of the eight cold water rhinoceros with one hand. Suddenly the giant boat trembled, and immediately the direction of a deviation to Han Li's view of the sea area galloped away. At this time, under the voice of Longjia Lao Zu, other Eldar people and feathered girls came out of the cabin one after another, and their faces were full of excitement. Half a day later, the giant boat arrived thousands of miles away, and finally saw the sea that Han Li was referring to. On the dark sea ahead, a large piece of silver lightning surged down from the air like a waterfall, hit the sea hard, and turned into countless balls of thunder and lightning floating and shaking on the sea, and then burst open one by one, forming a large sea of thunder. The roar resounded through the cave! Through the cascading thunderstorm in the sky, magnetic separator machine ,gold shaking table, a large blurred shadow could be seen faintly in the thunder sea, but under the dazzling lightning, ordinary people could not see anything at all. But at such a close distance, this is nothing to Han Li and Bai Qi, who have magical powers. Thousands of miles away, both of them affirmed that the shadow in the thunder sea was a huge island. It's just that the whole island is covered by the same sea of thunder in all directions. No matter which direction they go, they will inevitably have to break through. Could it be that the so-called danger refers to these thunderbolts. If so, although there are some troubles, it should not be a problem to break through. Longjia Lao Zu gazed at Lei Hai in front of him and said thoughtfully. "Qianqiu Saint Dai frowned and did not refute anything for a moment." Brother Long, if you think like this, you're thinking in the wrong place. Han Li raised his head to the top of Lei Hai in the distance and looked at it carefully. With a flash of blue in his eyes, he suddenly said something like this. Brother Han said so. Did you find something else? Longjia Lao Zu was startled and gazed at Han Li and said slowly. Volume 10 Battle of the Demon World Chapter 283 Golden Crab Han Li smiled and said nothing more with his fingers pointing to the dark clouds over the Thunder Sea. While the others were still in doubt, Bai Qi also swept into the clouds with his spiritual eyes and lost his voice: "What kind of magic thing is that? What a big one!" Several other people were stunned and looked at the same eyes, but only saw the lightning flashing in the dark clouds, and could not see anything at all. At this time, Han Li took a breath lightly, grabbed the void with one hand, and a green sword emerged in the palm of his hand. With a shake, he rushed to the void in the distance. After a clear sound, a blue sword light rolled out, and under a flash, it turned into a giant of more than a hundred Zhangs, rumbling down to the dark clouds ahead. This cut, Han Li has used a great magical power, the momentum of the big, so that everyone is shocked! Where the blue light passed, the nearby void was twisted, and the dark clouds on the thunder sea were abruptly cut out of a strange long crack like a natural moat. And through this gap, Longjia Lao Zu and other talents faintly saw a mountain-like golden monster, quietly suspended in the sky. This beast is huge in size, the whole body is golden, and there are countless thick arcs around the whole body, very dazzling! Longjia Lao Zu only saw a golden hard shell and a sharp thorn on it, but he couldn't tell what kind of Warcraft it was for a moment. A whiff of the beast's breath emanating from the breach made everyone's complexion change greatly as a result of its existence. As soon as the mind touches the Warcraft breath, it is breathed in silently, and it is impossible to detect the slightest depth. And the breath contains a wisp of if there is no pressure, so that Longjia Lao Zu and other late monks, also feel jumpy. Such a terrible breath, Longjia Lao Zu and other people's hearts suddenly jumped wildly flashing out of the word "true spirit". Strangely enough, Han Li made such a big move that the golden beast was still motionless in the same place, as if he had fallen into a deep sleep. Fortunately, however, otherwise a group of people on the giant boat would have dared to stay for half a minute and would have fled without hesitation. But in this way, Hui elder and others are also pale, eyes quickly around,Carbon in Pulp, there is a golden beast slightly abnormal, immediately fly away from the boat. A bunch of people were silent on the giant boat for a moment! After a while, the white Qi suddenly said a word that made other people feel relaxed.


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