One half of the evil emperor

Original title: Dry goods, the relationship between geometric angle of twist drill and sharpening accuracy Source: Mechanical Professor

Maruko: Yue ~ What kind of person can be called a gentleman? Li Yue: a gentleman speaks but does not act. (Grasping Maruko's hand and biting it) Look, this is a gentleman. This is how steel is made. Yin Tian: Yazi, why are you the elder brother but the younger brother? Li: It's a pain to my mind. Yin Tian: Yazi, why do you do all the housework? Li: It's called straining my muscles and bones. Yin Tian: Yazi, why do you eat dumplings? Xiaoyue eats the stuffing and you eat the skin? Li: It's called starving my body. Yin Tian: Yazi, why do you never have as much pocket money as Xiaoyue? Li: It's called emptying my body. Yin Tian: Yazi, why does Xiao Yue always give you trouble? Li: It's called doing what I do. Yin Tian: Yazi, I think I finally know why you are willing to sink. Li: This is called Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on me. Chapter 19 Gu Xichao's Idea Well, after the exam, I quickly wrote a chapter, which is the mature version of the idea in the introduction you all see, and will be the goal that Gu Xichao has been pursuing in the future. I haven't asked for a ticket for a long time. Let's recommend and collect it. —————————————————————— Seeing that Gu Xichao was motionless, the blue-robed scribe was somewhat curious: "Since Your Majesty Gu Xichao knew that it was a dead end, why did he do nothing?" Has been surrounded by the soldiers he brought, whether it is attack far attack, or even retreat did not leave him, but why he did not fear the meaning of retreat? In other words,Drive in racking system, there was no reaction at all, even as if he could not threaten him at all. Does he have nothing to fear? So why is he so confident? If it is only relying on the fact that he is the immortal disciple of the Dongsheng God Sect, he has been classified into the evil camp, and the immortal will not admit it face to face, then what else can he rely on? The fire phoenix that entered his body? Looking up to see Nami who is eating potato chips, the shadow of the moon is somewhat helpless, this girl,heavy duty warehouse rack, is still eating at this time, can not act to pretend to be afraid, let oneself be proud of it? Because you're not going to kill me. Mobile phone station: "Gu Xichao gentle smile, just the chill of the gas disappeared, the rest is just that calm out of the dust.". People and soldiers without murderous look don't need to be afraid at all. What's more, glancing back at Nami, who was still eating potato chips, and the light dust on her face, which clearly concealed her surprise, Gu Xichao could no longer understand that it was simply a waste of life. These three are old acquaintances. And most likely a real friend. That's why Nami is so calm, and the light dust is just talking, not attacking. The old friend of Nami and Qingchen, warehouse rack manufacturer ,long span shelving, thank you for greeting him personally. I have a completely different temperament from Nami Qingchen. Why do you think I am an old friend of them? You know, they were all born in Nanshanbu. The blue-robed scribe, or the shadow of the moon, was a little surprised that he had just played very well, and did not greet Nami and Qingchen, but Gu Xichao saw the clue, only by the subtle performance of Nami and Qingchen? How delicate does it take to find out? "An old friend can be a real old friend." With a faint smile, Gu Xichao picked up the discontented mica and turned to the crowd and said, "Let's go down." A group of people got off the boat sparsely and finally set foot on the land of Dongsheng Shenzhou. Is this the feeling of native land. Gu Xichao seems like a lifetime ago. Xingge first issue w-w-w. Q -i-XIN-g-ge. C -o-m. It's only a year, but I feel like I've lived a lifetime. Everything in Dongsheng Shenzhou seems to have passed for a long time, so long that it has been almost forgotten by itself. But have you really forgotten those days when you were forced to compromise, or even humiliated and bullied by others, as a chess piece that could be discarded at any time? Yes, I have changed. No one can hurt himself again, and those who disobey him can only die. Maybe he had become cold, but he didn't care. Seeing the shadow of the moon hugged by Namei Qingchen, Gu Xichao was surprised for a moment. "Are you so unscrupulous?" Are you a woman? The shadow of the moon looked up from the hands of Nami, who was standing with potato chips, smiled and acquiesced. It's really a woman. It's really admirable that women can do this. But after thinking about it, Gu Xichao was relieved that the women gathered around him were not all successful without relying on men? Glancing at Nami again, Gu Xichao automatically ignored the soldier's father standing beside her holding 10 bags of potato chips. It turns out that there are so many strange women in the world. And aren't you one of them? Think of here, Gu Xichao can not help laughing, is very happy. But that smile in the shadow of the moon seems to be an insult to her as a woman, the heart of a good feeling, rather rude question: "How, I can not be a woman?"? Or do you look down on women? Think women are nothing but accessories for you men who think highly of yourselves, mere trophies to show off to each other? Or is it simply something that is no longer fresh after being worn like clothes? This is a bit too much to say, but it is true. In this world, a successful man will always regard a woman as a bargaining chip, whether it is a daughter or a fiancee, as long as it is beneficial to himself, he can use or even sell it. This phenomenon is even worse in Brahma, especially in the retro Dongsheng Shenzhou. In their view, playing games without finding a wife is not called a game, and playing online games becomes a cow without finding many wives, and it is a kind of enjoyment to see them need equipment and money to lower their posture after acting like a spoiled child. However, once the kind of man can casually open the number of shemale online games era has passed, Brahma will really have so many women who look down on themselves? "No, women can stand at the top of the mountain. It's just a gender. It's not a measure of qualifications." Gu Xichao's expression was ethereal,heavy duty racking system, with a free and easy taste of dust, saying that almost all men would not admit the fact even if they knew it. Maybe it will become a fact. In this world, men are not the only ones who can contend for hegemony. You can do it yourself. Gu Xichao added in his heart.


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