The shadow of the sword is cold

In the middle of the rock, the smoke was unbearable, the pungent smoke made people's chest twitch, and several people coughed until their chest ached, and it was not easy to see people three feet away.

In the middle of the rock, the smoke was unbearable, the pungent smoke made people's chest twitch, and several people coughed until their chest ached, and it was not easy to see people three feet away. The roar of the flames was deafening, and the sound of the trees bursting and falling was as terrible as a landslide. The heat wave was pressing, and the flames could be seen in the distance, with flames flying and smoke soaring into the sky. Anping grabbed a small stone and shouted with all his strength, "Everybody, come and look for it separately." His voice was so loud that it overwhelmed all the noise and could be heard very clearly. The crowd scattered to both sides, beating the rock wall with stones, hoping to find a hollow echo in the wall. Several places with echoes were found, which were hit by the King of Divine Power with bronze figures. Silly big man's arm strength is amazing, under the bronze figure, the bluestone of the rock wall is broken like powder, like five Ding Kaishan. However, in vain, more than a foot, only found some stone crevices, there is no news of the secret cave. As the fire approached, flames could be seen on the rocks, and branches and leaves with fire kept falling from the sky. The heat wave was pressing, and the feeling of suffocation threatened them. Yifeng leaned on Anping's left side. She covered her nose with a scarf. Her eyes glistened with tears, and her pink face turned red from the fire. She said in fear,jujube seed powder, "Master Xia San, it looks like we're all going to be burned to death here. There's no need to make a hopeless search.". Unexpectedly, I was full of resentment, and my long-cherished wish had not been fulfilled, so I wanted to die here. I was really unwilling to do so. "Miss Zhu," Anping exclaimed, as if frantically knocking on the rock wall. Do not lose heart, as long as there is breath, before the fall,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, definitely do not give up hope. You try the ledge on the left and climb up the pine tree to see if there's anything suspicious. Yifeng moved to the left, leaped up the pine tree to the rock wall, turned her head and said, "If the fire is approaching, please give me a sword to reduce the pain." On the right, the people of the third factory began to coax among themselves. The King of Demons was sweating profusely, and his strange eyes seemed to be spewing fire. He shouted ferociously to the real man of Thunder Sword Wind: "Niubi Laodao, it's all your bad things." The Thunder Sword was steaming all over, and the light in the eagle's eyes burst out, and he shouted angrily: "Shut your foul mouth!"! What's wrong with the poor way? Make it clear to me. "I said the demon way was unreliable. It was you who advocated joining hands with Lingxu demon way and ended up today.". Obviously, the fire was not entirely the work of the dragon swordsman, but a trap set by the demon. Open your eyes and see if the demon of Chengtian Palace is present? Obviously, they have already left a secret way out, and when we are all dead, they will be able to swallow the treasure left by the two stars in the house. If it wasn't for you, how could we end up like this? "Bah!"! Is it the poor way that advocates joining hands with Ling Xu? "Sai Chunyang is the culprit, and you are also the culprit." The Thunder Sword was furious. He drew his sword and rushed up and shouted, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,rosmarinic acid supplement, "Damn you, ordinary man!"! How dare you put the blame on me? I'll kill you. How dare you! Sound fall, a sword attack. The Demon King was empty-handed. His Demon Pestle was not in his hand and he could not fight. Although his skill was better than the Thunder Sword, he was helpless without a blade. He quickly flashed to the side and shouted to a big fellow, "Brother Changming, throw me the sword." "You dream!" Thunder sword sharp drink, catch up with a slanting wave, wind and thunder suddenly. Anping was so angry that he shouted to the Heavenly King of Divine Power not far away, "Silly big man, stop them. These teams are really worthless. At the critical moment, not only do they not know how to work together to find a way out to survive, but they kill each other instead. How can it be!"! If they don't listen, shoot them. Without thinking, the King of Divine Power rushed up and cut into the two men. The bronze man's golden awn flashed. "Zheng" swept the long sword of the Thunder Sword and shouted: "Stop! Or Grandpa Zhu will smash you. The Thunder Sword jumped eight feet sideways, and the long sword was almost out of hand. Holding back his temper, he said, "Almsgiver Zhu, please don't interfere in the affairs of the poor way." "Grandpa won't listen to you. If you're not allowed to fight, don't start fighting. Do you hear me?" The King of Divine Power said insolently. The invincible Golden Sword also persuaded the Demon King and pulled him aside, saying, "Brother Shixian, forget it!"! Up to now, it is useless to blame others. The owner of Xia San is right. It is really wrong not to work together to find a way out and survive at the critical moment. Let's try our best to find a way out. It's not too late to die when the fire is burning. ” Voldemort Heavenly King was pulled away, Thunder Sword also took the opportunity to step down, to the divine power Heavenly King cold hum, turned away. As the King of Divine Power walked back, the Jade Flute Flying Fairy greeted him with a wry smile and said, "Brother Xin, I'm very sad that you listened to someone else's instructions." The King of Divine Power was at a loss and said uneasily, "Stronghold Leader, I.." I "You don't have to call me Lord of the Stronghold." "Eh!"! You "We brought five village leaders.". Hundreds of minions came, now only you and me and two minions, also called what village Lord? "Didn't you say that where there are outsiders, you should be called the Lord of the Stronghold?" "Alas!"! You are a hopeless man. At the critical moment of life and death, you are about to turn into a sea of fire. What kind of Stronghold Leader are you called? There is no hope of life, death is near, cherish this moment of light, we go to the foot of the rock to sit and wait for death, do not waste time to find the secret passage. Besides, the secret passage has been sealed, even if we find it, what can we do? Isn't it a dead end? "Sister Jia, I." I don't want you to die. Cried the King of Divine Power. What if you don't die? We have no way to heaven, no door to the earth, no way to fly, who can stay alive in the fire? Said the Jade Flute Flying Fairy sadly. At this time, she was no longer the all-powerful female leader of the village. I want to listen to the summer boy's words, still alive, must find a way out. "No!" The Jade Flute Flying Fairy grabbed him and shouted, "Brother Xin, don't do anything stupid. Let me say something before I die.". Over the years, I.. Alas! I really don't know where to start. Want language to say, the husband sings with the wife, but these years,turmeric extract powder, you and I do the opposite, really sorry you. If I had listened to you this time and refused to accept Mr. Poison's invitation, where would I be today? Alas! It's too late for me to regret. I really hope that heaven can take my time to be an ordinary wife. 。


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