Paper baby

She told me not to always care about her in a roundabout way in the news reports, so that others can see that the impact is not good.

She told me not to always care about her in a roundabout way in the news reports, so that others can see that the impact is not good. Every time she wrote to me, she would tell me that her mental illness was much better, but every normal person who read the letter would not agree with her. For the rest of the letter, she and I discussed the possibility of placing a missing person story in the Morning Star because her daughter was missing. I remember she mentioned in her last letter that her daughter was missing. But seeing this in a letter from a mental patient made me wonder if it was true. Maybe her daughter was just playing outside for a while. This time again, is it her daughter who has not seen her since the last time, or has she disappeared again? Putting down the letter, I felt a little uneasy somehow. Don't take it too seriously, and even if your daughter is really lost, the police should be responsible for it. She's just a psychopath, and judging from the topsy-turvy and confused logic of this letter, her illness is far from being cured. "Hey, the letter is finished. It's so funny. Why does she always send you letters?" "Ah." I was surprised and smiled at Liu Tang. I was in a trance for a few seconds. I put the letter on the table and stared at it for a long time. I still remember his daughter, a pair of big eyes, pupils are black and deep, let a person look into it. At that time, she stood alone in the corner,pump tube, quiet as if she did not exist. How old was she then.. Four years old? In that case, I should be seven years old this year, and I am old enough to go to school. What's her name? I can't remember at once. What's going on? You can't really take what she said in her letter seriously. Liu Tang saw that I looked different and asked one more question. I shook my head and pressed down my thoughts. They were not pleasant memories. Nothing. Shrugging my shoulders, I stuffed the letter into the envelope and threw it aside on the pile of newspapers. Would you like to see Double Seventh Festival gifts I bought? They are very creative. The devil, with his dark red hair, said triumphantly. Liu Tang,plastic packaging tube, the red-haired ghost, has been working with red hair since he was nicknamed by us. He has never been dyed back to black, but has changed between light and dark. Double Seventh Festival gift? I remembered that in a few days it would be the Double Seventh Festival of the lunar calendar, "Now Valentine's Day is local again?" "Make money, but also give me more opportunities to date beautiful women, each take what they need, how harmonious it is." "What else can you be creative about?" Inflatable doll, haven't you seen it? "Inflatable doll?" My eyeball flicked 3 times immediately, "are you going to give a woman an inflatable doll as Double Seventh Festival gift?" "Hey, what kind of expression is that? It's not what you think!" Liu Tang rebukes me angrily, "the nature is lascivious, look what you think in the head." "Didn't you say inflatable doll?" I said shyly. Liu Tang threw something over and I grabbed it. Gently, cosmetic tube packaging ,custom cosmetic packaging, gently, it's bursting. The devil Tang shouted loudly. Sure enough, it's an inflated doll, half the size of a palm, a rogue rabbit shape, a stronger material than a balloon, not an ordinary soft plastic, and it feels good to hold it in your hand. It's kind of interesting. A little girl would probably like it. I say It's not the only one. Liu Tang beckoned me over and said, "I have a whole box here, but it's just interesting to see one. This whole box only needs to be sent to the right person, but it's a nirvana." On Liu Tang's table was a well-made wooden box, with the lid pulled out and dozens of uninflated doll skins neatly folded inside. Liu Tang showed me one by one: "This is Garfield, this is Snoopy, this is Salted Egg Superman..." Such a stack of exquisite inflatable dolls can be regarded as collection-grade, which is believed to have a fatal attraction for many little girls. Liu Tang showed off his treasure, but I had changed my face. These cartoon dolls awakened a memory that I could have suppressed just now, but now he was surging in the depths of my mind, and the pictures flashed back in front of my eyes. Some things, although a long time has passed, but remember the time, as in the present. One afternoon three years ago, when I handed Huang Zhi her business card, she had no mental problems. I wouldn't have thought that she would keep sending me letters according to the address on this business card. I believe that her mental illness was caused by what happened this afternoon three years ago. At about three o'clock in the afternoon, because of a tip, I rushed to the First Maternity and Infant Health Hospital in Shanghai, commonly known as the First Maternity and Infant Hospital, one of the most famous maternity and infant hospitals in Shanghai. It was one of my correspondents in the hospital office who gave me the information. He was not very good at identifying what was good news material and what was only a topic of conversation, but he was very keen to give me all kinds of clues, because if his news was used by me and published in the newspaper, I could get a small sum of money. This time, his tip was just a brief text message: "There is a strange case in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Do you want to come for an interview?" I happened to be not far from the hospital, so within 20 minutes of receiving the text message, I appeared at the door of his office. The informant greeted me and led me to the place. I won't say more. Go to the interview yourself. He finished and left with an unnatural expression on his face. Maybe it's a delusion. I think he's a little scared. You feel it every day? The doctor's face became very strange. "That must be your delusion.". The baby failed to develop healthily in the mother's body and died for a long time. "Anyway, I want to see my baby first, even if he is dead, it is my birth, my flesh and blood!" Huang Zhi tried to straighten her upper body and stared at the doctor in front of her, with endless resentment in her eyes, as if it were her enemy of life and death. The doctor turned his face sideways and refused to look at her. He shook his head slightly and said to the nurse next to him,empty cosmetic tubes, "That.." Still in the delivery room? The nurse nodded. Fine The doctor said, "I'll take you to see it.". But you have to be prepared. It's better to calm down and take a few deep breaths. That's a.. A deformed child. "No matter what my baby looks like, he's my baby." Huang Zhi said without hesitation.


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