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Elder Sun couldn't help saying, "If you have any difficulty in practicing Taoism, you can also consider practicing medicine.

Elder Sun couldn't help saying, "If you have any difficulty in practicing Taoism, you can also consider practicing medicine. With your views on medicinal properties, I am very optimistic about you. Maybe you can become the second medicine God!" Elder Sun is very optimistic about Li Qiye in front of him. In his opinion, Li Qiye is a useless monk, but once he is willing to step into the medicine way, he is absolutely a genius of the medicine way! "Medicine God?" A familiar name was once again mentioned, Li Qiye could not help showing a smile. Elder Sun was afraid that Li Qiye did not know who the "medicine God" was, so he quickly added: "The medicine God can be called the ancestor of our medicine man. It can be said that most of the rules of alchemy and boiling medicine were formulated by him. It is even said that the name of the furnace God was formulated by him. In the wilderness era, he began to achieve a complete system on the basis of alchemy and boiling medicine. His contribution to the way of medicine is unparalleled, and it can even be said that he is one of the most successful people in the way of medicine through the ages! Elder Sun talked about the medicine God, Li Qiye could not help but show a smile, medicine God ah, he is familiar with, that is a very good memory of him. The old boy is indeed a genius of medicine, which, no matter how much time has passed, Li Qiye, as a crow, still admits. Li Qiye couldn't help smiling. Elder Sun mentioned the God of medicine,plastic bulk containers, which reminded him of some years in the wilderness era. It was a memorable time. In that era, he had led the old boy to go deep into the nine realms and cross the immortal land of the burial places. In those years, they had made countless attempts to refine the elixir. They had created countless alchemy techniques. They have created many elixirs, and they have planted many soul grasses that others dare not think of. It was a period of exciting years, in those years, more is to create, more is to try,plastic pallet box, more is the exploration of the unknown! In the later years, as a crow, he had countless calculations of heaven and earth, had been countless sniping giants, had been countless bloodbaths nine days and ten places! However, there are not many years that he can miss as much as those years. In those years, it was more about seeking knowledge, and the bloody days of killing were much less. Through the ages, both pharmacists and monks have believed that the God of medicine is the representative of the peak of the medicine path. This is not only because his creation on the medicine path is hard to match, but more importantly, he has created a complete system of the medicine path! Laid an immortal foundation for medicine! In fact, for thousands of years, no one knows that the foundation of the way of medicine is not laid by the God of medicine alone, and the system of the way of medicine is not formulated by the God of medicine alone. In this, plastic trash bins ,plastic pallet bin, there is a Yin crow unknown to the world. The innovation of the way and the formulation of the system have made great contributions to this unknown Yin crow! It can be said that without this crow, there would be no medicine God, of course, the secret inside, is unknown to future generations! Thinking of those years, Li Qiye sighed softly in his heart. If there was regret, the biggest regret was that he had lost the memory of the most precious pharmacopoeia in the world. This memory had not been found since it was erased. The reason was very simple. He had never read the pharmacopoeia again, even if it was a fragment, he had not seen it. Thinking of this matter, Li Qiye could not help shaking his head secretly. The old boy was really a madman in those years. After he became the God of medicine, as a crow, he once reminded him to find a good apprentice and pass on the mantle. Unexpectedly, the old boy went crazy. Although he passed down a lot of precious Dan prescription pharmacopoeia to future generations, he missed this one which is coveted forever! Li Qiye knew that the old madman must have done it on purpose! He just didn't hand down this pharmacopoeia on purpose! When Li Qiye recalled the past, his daze made Elder Sun mistakenly think that Li Qiye was yearning for the God of Medicine. He thought that Li Qiye was moved by his words. How about switching to the medicine path? If you are willing to switch to medicine, I will teach you what I have learned all my life! In the future, you must be the greatest medicine man in the history of our ancient school of washing face, and it will be even easier for you to ascend the door of the elder or even the master. "Elder Sun couldn't help encouraging Li Qiye, because he saw Li Qiye's potential!"! As for other disciples, when they heard that the elder had accepted them as disciples, they were so excited that they wanted to kowtow to the master immediately, but Li Qiye's reaction was flat. Li Qiye said with a smile, "Thank you for the elder's love and medicine. It's just my interest and my pleasure." Li Qiye such words, let Sun elder immediately speechless, forehead black line, if others, must think Li Qiye is raving, at this time Sun elder did not have such an idea, Sun elder heart inside mad is Li Qiye this is a waste of their talent! Elder Sun was so mad that he even wanted to fly into a rage, but he put up with it. Finally, he was very kind and said, "Think about it carefully. If you think about it clearly one day, you can come to me at any time." As for Elder Sun's kindness, Li Qiye finally just smiled. When Elder Sun saw Li Qiye's attitude, he had to leave with a sigh. As a matter of fact, Elder Sun didn't give up. A few days later, Mo Hufa also appeared at Gufeng. After Mo Hufa came, he saw Li Qiye. He spoke for a long time. He wanted to speak and then stopped. He said most of the day, but he didn't say anything. Sun Chang always wants you to persuade me to practice medicine, right? As for Mo Hufa's desire to speak and stop, Li Qiye had a well-thought-out plan, smiled and said. Embarrassed, Dharma Protector Mo gave a dry laugh and said, "My master has this idea,plastic wheelie bins, but you have the final say on whether to practice or not. No one dares to force him." In fact, Mo Hufa knew very well in his heart that Li Qiye was definitely a very independent person. He just couldn't refuse his master's request. The way of medicine is just for pleasure. I'll think about it when I have time. Li Qiye smiled and said. Mo Hufa had long been psychologically prepared for such a result, so he responded to his master without persuading Li Qiye to say a word. cnplasticpallet.com


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