Fengcheng Feishuai of Jianghu Past

The two of them continued to move forward in the bustle. Junyu held the hairpin tightly. She had never used any woman's jewelry since she was a child, nor did she know how a woman should treat her beloved man.

The two of them continued to move forward in the bustle. Junyu held the hairpin tightly. She had never used any woman's jewelry since she was a child, nor did she know how a woman should treat her beloved man. However, she also deeply understood that she would never wear the hairpin in this life. It was late, and they sat down in a small room on the second floor of a busy shop. Soon, hot oil tea, strong highland barley wine, two plates of rich mutton, beef and thick Zanba were served. Waiter backed away and closed the door. Junyu poured two bowls of highland barley wine and chuckled, "Drink it." Tuo Sang nodded and drank a big bowl of highland barley wine. His mood was completely relaxed. "Junyu, this is really a good place," he said with a smile. Junyu nodded and drank a big bowl. Tuo Sang poured another bowl of boiling oil tea for her, and she took a sip, feeling more relaxed and happy than she had ever felt before in such a steaming hot atmosphere. Downstairs, a large group of people are drinking and singing. This is a nation that is good at singing and dancing. Singing and drinking are their daily meals. All kinds of pedestrians and business travelers have long been familiar with their loud singing, which resounds through the clouds. At this moment, they are completely infected with their enthusiasm and sing loudly one after another. It is so noisy and noisy, but it sounds like the sounds of nature in my ears. Tuo Sang picked up the two plates and knocked on each other. "I'll sing you a song, Junyu," he said with a smile. Jun Yu laughed, took out two pieces of broken silver and threw them: "The ancients are beating the festival and singing, you are beating the plate and singing, you should sing with your heart, sing well,collapsible pallet box, and you will be rewarded.." Ha-ha Tuo Sang nodded with a smile and began to sing: That month I turn all the prayer tubes. Not to cross over Just to touch your fingertips. That year I kowtow and crawl on the mountain road. Not for an audience Just to stick to your warmth. That life I turn the mountain, turn the water, turn the pagoda. Not for the afterlife Just to meet you on the way. …… This is the second time Junyu has heard him sing this song. At this moment, although there is no chord of Guqin, his natural voice with deep national essence is more profoundly and fully reflected. Perhaps the song is too delicate, or perhaps the singer is too affectionate, this distant song actually suppressed the outside very noisy and full of noise. I do not know when, outside the chaos of harmony,mobile garbage bin, all stopped, the crowd gathered all over the world are quietly listening to such a wonderful song with a touch of sadness, in such a cold night, all of them are moving and sad. The song, slowly dispersed; the lamp, slowly darkened; the night, slowly deepened. The wine was also drunk up one by one. Drunken travelers sleep together in this drunken town. Jun Yu, who was lying on the table, slowly raised his head, and the opposite Tuo Sang was completely drunk and fell asleep on the table. She stood up, went over and touched his head gently. He was still sleeping soundly. She took off the thick hat she was wearing and slowly took out the green hairpin from her bosom. She stuck it clumsily in her hair and chuckled, "Tuosang, it's a pity you can't see it!" At this moment, the heart has completely lost the sadness of parting, although Tuo Sang can not see, she still gently waved: "Tuo Sang, drum spill containment ,plastic pallet manufacturer, goodbye, goodbye!" She walked out the door and soon disappeared into the night outside the town. Far away, there was a long hiss from Xiaoshuai, and it was sent to a safe place nearby by Tuosang. The master of the family was an expert in curing animals, and Xiaoshuai's leg injury had been almost cured, although he was still a little lame when he ran. Junyu smiled and patted him on the head. "Thanks for your hard work, old friend!" Xiaoshuai's tongue rubbed affectionately in the palm of her hand. Junyu jumped on horseback. Xiaoshuai spread his four hooves and ran in the dark. That already "drunk" Tuo Sang, has been standing in the night, watching her go away, the heart is neither happy nor sad. Far away in the night, that is the direction of the Holy Palace. Tomorrow is the day when "Bokdo" leaves the customs. In the middle of the night, there was a dead silence around the Holy Palace. Tuo Sang ran quickly to the secret passage. The closer I get to the secret passage, the more nervous I am. In the dim light of night, he recognized that there was a line of footprints on the snow of the secret passage. With the skill of himself and Junyu, he would not leave footprints when he left. His heart sank and he looked around. It was still dark and dead. And the secret passage in the snow did not seem to be unusual. Tomorrow is the "exit" day, early in the morning, the Lama will send the dress, if no one can see, I do not know what will cause chaos. By this time, there was no time to retreat. He hesitated for a moment and turned the entrance stone slab on the snow in that strange position. Tuo Sang jumped into the secret passage, and the stone slab immediately closed. Without hesitation, Tuo Sang walked quickly to the secret room. The moment the stone slab closed, in the shadow of the mountain behind, a "snowman", a ferret cloak, held his breath and fell to the ground, almost as if he were dead. At this moment, he slowly stood up from the ground, his whole body was cold, his heart was frozen, and there was a cruel and resentful smile on his lips. Five days ago, he saw them run out of here hand in hand. At that moment, he was cold and desperate, but his heart was like boiling magma, clamoring to destroy everything, to submerge everything, and to perish with all things in the world. At that moment, he wanted to shout loudly, stop loudly, and kill immediately, but he suddenly heard such a tiny flower-like laughter, which made his heart ache, and before he could react, the two men had completely disappeared into the night. Now, finally, so familiar with the blooming laughter is no longer around Tuosang, this unruly "Bokdo", finally returned to the Chamber of Secrets alone. The pain in the heart has turned into numbness, and the total despair has made people crazy. He smiled, stood at the entrance of the secret passage,wholesale plastic pallet, sent out a simple signal, and immediately, seven or eight good players of the "Thousand Machine Gate" came around from several hidden directions. Chapter 36 Tuo Sang froze at the door of the Chamber of Secrets. It smells like a stranger. cnplasticpallet.com


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