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Well, this voice is really nice. I like it, and I don't know who to ask for it. Tianci thought to himself and then replied, "Yes, open it." "Beep.."

Well, this voice is really nice. I like it, and I don't know who to ask for it. Tianci thought to himself and then replied, "Yes, open it." "Beep.." On the opposite screen, a 20-bar game item bar is displayed, "Do you want to set this interface as the default open interface?" "Yes." Tianci answered slowly. At the same time, he noticed that there were three items in the top corner of the column. Tianci looked at them one by one. The first one was a dress with a light gray color. [Novice Cloth]: Item level: 0, equipment level: 0, equipment description: Novice wear cloth, if you like "naked" body Daguai, you can choose not to wear. Tianci curled his lips. Nonsense. Who wants to run naked to fight monsters? Of course, wear it. He wanted to stop Tianci with his hand, and a rectangular frame appeared beside his clothes. It said, "Are you sure about the equipment?" There is also a small box in the back, which says that no more inquiries will be made in the future, and it is set as the default. Click to confirm. A light gray "color" dress was worn on Tianci, Tianci pulled the sleeves, yes, it felt like an ancient man, but. How does it feel chilly below? Dare to say that'clothes' are really'clothes'. Look at the next item. [Novice Cloth Pants]: Item Level: 0, Equipment Level: 0, Equipment Introduction: You are still.. You can choose not to wear it! "Fart, it's strange not to wear it!" Tianci thought to himself that these game designers were too funny, so he clicked on them casually. Whoa.. Tianci felt tight below,plastic pallet crates, and a pair of trousers of the same light gray color was put on his lower body. Tianci nodded with satisfaction, and then looked at the third object, which was a square wooden box. [Wooden Box]: Item Level 1, Item Description: a treasure box made of sandalwood, which can open primary equipment, weapons, skill books, "medicine" water and other items. Smile, shallow smile climb up the face of God, God bless open a weapon,plastic bulk containers, so that their Daguai can be faster, Daguai faster, the level will rise faster. Hey hey, playing games at a high level is king. Just as he was thinking about it, Tianci's hand had already touched the past, only to hear a "click", the wooden box disappeared, and a yellow book appeared in the box's place. "" Three black lines quietly climbed up the forehead of heaven, my weapon, where is my weapon? But sad is sad, Tianci still wants to be lucky, did not open a bottle of "medicine" is good. [Primary Collection]: Item Level: Level 4, Use Level: Level 3, Item Introduction: Primary Collection, can collect the corpses of animal monsters below level 10. This skill book is good, the money in the early stage of the game is very difficult to play, now with a collection, plastic pallet crates ,collapsible bulk containers, it is easier to make money, Tianci at this time seems to have seen the distant light of hope, glittering. I learn!.. Sorry, your level is not high enough to study. Hear system clew day bestows one small Leng, look carefully again, use grade: 3 class. Oh, it's level three. Tianci raised his head, closed the item column, looked around, dug around, did not know when there were so many people, was looking around the novice players running around, suddenly in front of Tianci brush out a player, it is worth mentioning that this is a female "sex" player. "Oh.." Tianci only felt an illusion in front of his eyes, a white straight illusion, "Beauty." I saw the beauty in front of me with snow-white skin. The beauty was wearing a "milky" white "color" inside, with the same snow-white "color" corset on it. The visual effect was the same as not wearing it. The beautiful woman is tall and tall, her black hair hangs down like a waterfall on her back, and Tianci's eyes sweep straight up from below the beautiful woman like a pulley. As soon as they reach the round snow buttocks of the beautiful woman, a piece of gray cloth blocks Tianci's eyes. Tianci sighs in his heart that it's a pity that his line of sight moves up again, followed by a flat lower abdomen, and then slowly climbs up. Good straight chest ah, and then look up, Tianci feel a tight behind, "Hey.." The beautiful woman in front of Tianci had already discovered Tianci's greedy eyes. At this time, she was glaring at Tianci. Hei smiled and stepped back, showing the smiling face of a hooligan. The beauty frowned in disgust. She knew that if she was entangled with this kind of person, it might be very troublesome. Out of sight, "hum." The beauty dropped a cold eye, put on a novice outfit and ran out of the village. Tianci looked at the back of the beauty far away and could not help admiring, oh, this beauty is beauty, running so beautiful, well, this game has a future, in the future there must be a chance to play with a hot beauty in the game. After a few seconds in the same place, Tianci felt like a fool, and it was time for him to do something. Upgrade? The NPC in the village would come back to see it later. He had been here for a long time. Hurry up and upgrade. He still had a collection to learn. Thinking about it, he ran in the direction where the beauty had just run out. Along the way, he saw Boss Jin, who sold meat, and Amy, who sold clothes. "Well, I remember, these two people were on the left and right of the exit of the village." Out of the village, Tianci was stunned on the spot, this scene. This scene.. It is estimated that I can't even dream about it, only to see groups of people running after chickens and sheep, and the scene is chaotic. How can this be upgraded? Tianci depressed, he really want to shout, passers-by a, passers-by B, all give me out of the way, let this young master upgrade, but this shout is absolutely impossible, he does not want to become the enemy of the people at the beginning of the game. Just as I was thinking about it,ibc spill pallet, I saw a chicken running from the front. The chicken was running all the way to Tianci with its neck shrinking and two small wings open. It was chasing three players behind the chicken. Hey hey, ready-made cheap. Tianci didn't even think about it. He kicked the chicken. When he kicked it, he leaned back slightly and made a "shoot" action. He shouted in his mouth: "Goal!" 。


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