My groom is the King of Hell.

My mom was at home all the time?! How is that possible! A few days ago, I saw her in this house! My mother who appeared in this house, and my mother who is talking to me on the phone now, one of them is fake!

My mom was at home all the time?! How is that possible! A few days ago, I saw her in this house! My mother who appeared in this house, and my mother who is talking to me on the phone now, one of them is fake! My mother in this house, although her face, is not the original appearance, but the feeling that blood is thicker than water, can not deceive people, I am not sure, she is my mother! That is to say, my mother who is talking to me on the phone now is a fake! Shishi, why don't you speak? It is reasonable to say that my mother asked me this, should be some anxious tone, but she asked, is still not slow, listen to me feel a little uncomfortable. Just as I was about to say something, I heard my mother say, "Shishi, you should speak. If you don't speak, your mother will be worried." "You are not my mother!" I said to the phone, word by word, "You are not my mother, who are you?"! Where did you take my mother?! "Shishi, you child, what are you talking about?"! If I'm not mom,Iron Nail Making Machine, who am I! Shishi, how can you say such a thing to your mother? My mother said to me with a little helplessness, "Shishi, don't think about it. Mom is very good. Mom and your father are going to see you recently."! Shishi, you must take good care of yourself. Stop pretending. Who the hell are you?! I know. You're not my mother! What's your purpose in pretending to be my mother?! Thinking that she might have hurt my mother, I suddenly became excited and could not help shouting at her. Shishi, you child, what do you want your mother to say about you? You are really in a daze! Familiar tone, familiar voice, but I can not feel the slightest warmth. At this moment, I am sure that the person on the other end of the phone is not my mother. I knew I couldn't get anything out of her, and after a little thought, I decided to hang up and call my dad. Shishi, Automatic nail machine ,Coil nail machine, you finally called Dad. Dad thought you were so busy that you forgot Dad! My father's voice, filled with his father's spoiling of his daughter, made my heart warm. Dad, are you okay? My mother.. "Shishi, you can rest assured, father and mother are very good recently, eat well, the body is very good!"! Shishi, you don't have to always miss your father and mother. As long as you take good care of yourself, your father and mother can rest assured. Before I finished speaking, I was interrupted by my father. Listening to my father's words, my uneasiness was even stronger. My father said that he and my mother are very good recently, my mother's body has become like this now, and her whereabouts are unknown, where is good! Could it be that even my dad is a fake?! This thought made my body tremble. I have been worrying about my mother's body for a while, but I have never thought about whether my father is safe now. My parents have such a good relationship. For so many years, they have hardly been separated. A while ago, my mother's body became like that. If my father was still good, he would definitely stay by my mother's side, take care of her and accompany her. However, in this house, I did not see my father. There is only one possibility. My father also had an accident! Dad, are you and mom really at home? I saw my mother come a few days ago, and she said she hadn't been home recently. Heart, has been turned upside down, but I still said quietly. Now, there are only two possibilities, either my parents have been killed by the people on the other end of the phone, or they have been hijacked by them. How is that possible! Shishi, your mother has always been with me. Shishi, you can rest assured that your mother and I are fine now, and your mother has recently gained several pounds of meat! My father's voice, with a shallow smile, sounds indescribably gentle and comfortable. I didn't want to talk to him any more. I took a deep breath and said to the other end of the phone, "Dad, are you and Mom really at home now?" "Of course Dad and Mom are at home!" My father smiled softly and then said, "Shishi, you don't even trust your father, do you?" At home again! Listening to his nonsense one after another, I want to drop my mobile phone! I didn't have time to talk to him any more, so I hung up my cell phone and went back to my house. My parents may not be in my home now, but when I go back to the home where my parents have lived for so many years,High Speed Nail Making Machine, I will find the clue of my parents'disappearance! Besides, my dad doesn't have a cell phone. I call him on my landline. The person who answers the phone should be in my home. As long as I find them, I have a chance to find out where my parents are. I have a vague feeling in my heart that my parents were probably hijacked by two people disguised as my parents! I can only pray that my parents' lives are safe.


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