Dressed as the best actor's ex-girlfriend [wearing a book]

Thinking of this, she picked up the doll's head and said, "Teacher Fu, go to work. I still have an hour and a half left." She didn't want to delay Fu Langyan's time.

Thinking of this, she picked up the doll's head and said, "Teacher Fu, go to work. I still have an hour and a half left." She didn't want to delay Fu Langyan's time. But Fu Langyan suddenly raised his hand and pressed her action: "Then." Milk tea suddenly delivered to the eyes, ran Xia had no time to react, hurriedly took it in a hurry, and then felt empty in his arms. Fu Lang was holding the big head that should have been in her arms in one hand. Looking at her face, which was red with heat, and her hair and clothes, which were already wet with sweat, he seemed to say something that was not worth mentioning. I'll take care of this. You sit down and rest. Ran Xia is silly. The bullet screen is crazy. Damn it! What kind of love is this! Hot summer CP locked, I swallowed the key, please get married in situ ah ah! The author has something to say: Thank you for the overlord ticket, love you-3- May threw a rocket launcher. Time: 2019-08-04 00:38:30 Jupiter threw a mine. Time: 2019-08-04 01:43:42 Chapter 27 The high frequency of the hot summer group's appearance in the bullet screen and the eye-catching words in the sentences made Fu Langyan's fans angry and anxious. Bullet screen some ky can learn to encircle the ground from sprout? "Fu Langyan will be with whoever he is good to, won't the person who is with him circle the earth?" "Don't tie up Fu Langyan!"! Be angry to cry,Nail Making Machine price, too disgusting, Hua Chen so bully a person!! "Free identification, is Bai Xunyan's powder, has been looking down that Ran Xia people are very good ah, and a cute CP, Fu powder tube is too wide." "Ran Xia is so good,Nail production machine, let you love beans and her more interaction and more hype ah!" But no matter how noisy the bullet screen was, the two people in front of the camera did not notice it at all. Ran Xia sat in the same place in a daze and did not react. Ah? Fu Langyan helped her make money as a bear? What magical world is this? Seeing that she did not move, Fu Langyan added, "Take off your clothes and give them to me." His voice made Ran Xia wake up with a start: "Don't!" "Hm?" Ran Xia hurriedly said, "Don't bother Teacher Fu. I'll do the rest of the time myself." Or she won't be your fan shark! Fu Langyan looked at her strong opposition and said, "You will get sunstroke." ?? Ran Xia didn't keep up with his train of thought. Fu Langyan continued, "If you suffer from heatstroke, you need me to carry you back.". Are you sure? Ran Xia: "…" What's the matter? She felt that Fu Langyan seemed to see through the essence of her fear through the phenomenon. Back = intimate contact. That's all right! Weighing the pros and cons, Ran Xia had to agree. Because she also felt that the possibility of heatstroke was very high if she continued. But after taking off the doll clothes and giving them to Fu Langyan, she felt extremely sorry. It's obviously the work of two people, but now it's Fu Langyan doing it alone. When Ran Xia saw the milk tea in his hand, wire nail making machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, his heart moved. It happens to be a market here, and there are people selling things everywhere. She looked around and finally locked in a cold drink and rushed to buy it. However, when it came to paying the bill, she realized that she was now fundamentally! Have no money! The clerk still had a standard smile on his lips: "Madam?" Ran Xia: "…" Why does the difficulty level go up when everything comes to her? She had no choice but to trot back and secretly asked the photographer who followed Fu Langyan: "Brother, why does Fu Langyan have money to buy milk tea?" The cameraman drank her mouth short before, tell her secretly: "He advanced salary with the director." Watt? Can there be such an operation! But when Ran Xia applied, he was mercilessly rejected by the director. The director said that the worker had only one chance to advance his salary, and this opportunity had been used by Fu Langyan. But when Ran Xia asked if Fu Langyan could advance his salary next time, the director fell into a suspicious silence. Ran Xia: "…" Is that really necessary? Director, is it necessary for us to make the distinction so obvious? The audience in front of the screen is laughing. This is not the first time that the director has made such a program effect, otherwise he would not be able to speak like this if he knew it was being broadcast live. Although I don't know why, it's really funny to see Ran Xia eat it every time! "The main thing is that her expression is very funny, that kind of helpless, angry and want to cut the director's complex feelings." "Ha ha ha, I feel that Ran Xia's character should be very good, and she doesn't care about it at all, so the program group always jokes with her." "To be reasonable, the director should be careful. In society, I, Sister Xia, can cut off the people on the chopping board with a kitchen knife!" In front of the camera, Ran Xia has given up the luxury idea of buying drinks to thank Fu Langyan, so he has to sit back and wait. She tried to replace Fu Langyan several times in the middle, but she never succeeded. An hour and a half later, Fu Langyan took off his headgear. His face was also covered with sweat. Just now in the bullet screen, there were black fans who questioned that Ran Xia was deliberately selling miserably to look so tired, and when they saw what Fu Langyan looked like now, they immediately disappeared without a trace. Only then did Ran Xia finally recover completely. Some blurred vision has returned to normal. As the netizens guessed, the physical quality of the original body is really poor. Plus she fell a concussion before, discharged from hospital and rushed into the group filming, did not rest for a few days to come to record variety shows. To tell the truth, she went to climb the mountain the day before yesterday, and her legs are still sore and painful. Had it not been for Fu Langyan's timely rescue of her, she could not have said that she would really have to perform in front of the national audience. Wash your face quickly. Ran Xia gave up the basin she had just borrowed behind her. "The water is clean." Fu Langyan handed the doll clothes she had taken off to the staff on one side. Seeing that she was still standing there, she could not help frowning: "Why haven't you gone back yet?" "I'll wait for you." Fu Langyan looked at her,nail manufacturing machine, washed his face and said, "I have to go boating for an hour and a half. You don't have to wait for me." Ran Xia only smiled, but his attitude was firm. 3shardware.com


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