Summoning Game of the Other World

"If your Highness is worried about communication, I have a way!"! I have a spell called a string! It allows everyone to sense each other's position!

"If your Highness is worried about communication, I have a way!"! I have a spell called a string! It allows everyone to sense each other's position! If our comm doesn't work, I'll cast this spell for you! Bai Yue looked at Shen Qi and said with a smile. That's all right! Shen Qi saw that there was a solution to the worship of the moon, so he stopped worrying. Your Highness Shen Qi, take the liberty to pay a visit. I hope you don't blame me! In the morning, Shen Qi had just finished his breakfast, and Dante, as if he had anticipated that Shen Qi had finished his meal, came to visit Shen Qi with a group of people. Bishop Dante, please sit down. I wonder what Bishop Dante wants this time. Shen Qi was surprised at Dante's arrival. But did he show it? He smiled and welcomed Dante into the living room and asked Dante. It seems that your Highness really doesn't know the news! Dante looked at Shen Qi and smiled, as if I knew it would be like this. What news? Shen Qi was puzzled and looked at the smiling Dante and asked. Today, Kou Jincheng will auction a batch of cardamom! We have prepared the position. Would your Highness like to go and have a look together? Dante smiled and made an invitation to Shen Qi. Will the cardamom be auctioned today? Shen Qi some incredible, this is too coincidental! Amomum cardamomum only appears once in a few decades. I didn't expect that someone would auction Amomum cardamomum today. Amomum cardamomum is a variant of cardamom. Amomum cardamomum is shaped like a red bean, only the size of a glass bead, and is red all over. Amomum cardamomum is a rare y y à o wood. It is said that the yyào refined from cardamom has the effect of bringing the dead back to life. However,wire nail machine manufacturers, the production of cardamom is extremely low. On average, only one ordinary cardamom will mutate into a special cardamom every 50 years. Amomum cardamomum, one plant produces seven cardamom. If the cardamom plant is ripe and dead, it cannot be replanted. I also came yesterday to get the news, but this time I didn't bring much money, otherwise I wouldn't have to use the church's funds,Coil Nail Making Machine, I would buy one myself! Dante said, shaking his head with chagrin, "It's a great pity that such a divine thing can't be bought." Don't look at me! I didn't bring much money when I came out this time. When I crossed the country of Ze, I bought so many gold coins! "We'd better go and have a look. Even if we can't buy it, it's good to see the legendary cardamom!" Shen Qi shrugged his shoulders with the same look of helplessness. So is your Highness. Let's go! "Let's take a look at what the legendary cardamom looks like!" Dante listened to Shen Qi and said to Shen Qi with a smile. Shen Qi shrugged his shoulders indifferently and followed Dante to the auction room with Lin Yueru and Yiwen. Of course, the auction room in the Golden City is not as luxurious as the auction room in the city of St. Sarus. However, probably because of the rich spices here, the layout here has a unique grace of nv. Your Highness, please come in! Dante led Shen Qi into a box. Through the box, we can see that the auction room is full of seats. I believe the purpose of everyone here today is the same! I will not say more, the next auction of cardamom! The first auction is Feng Kou! The reserve price is 500, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Nail machine manufacturer,000 gold coins! After a while, the host came to the stage and the auction meeting officially began. A cardamom plant has seven seeds. According to the five elements, there are four seeds of wind, water, fire and earth, and three seeds of darkness, light and nature. Amomum cardamomum has the effect of bringing the dead back to life only if it is eaten by people who belong to the opposite category. If the wrong person eats it, not only can it not bring the dead back to life, but it will make people die faster. Compere word just fell sound, quote sound is continuous, in a short while, the price of Feng Kou has been fired three times, turned into a 1500000. Shen Qi secretly checked that all the gold coins on his body were only more than three million. It seemed that if he wanted to take a picture of cardamom, it might be very small. As expected by Shen Qi, Feng Kou finally became Ji jiāo at the price of four million gold coins. After the buyer got Feng Kou and paid the money, he immediately ran away. No one knows how many people are staring at cardamom here. If you are not careful, this life-saving good y y à o will become a deadly poison y y à o. After Feng Kou was successfully auctioned, the next three were quickly auctioned out. There are only three special cardamoms left, the dark, the light and the natural. The dark department has always been a must for the dark church. Department of light, even the Holy See of light is eyeing covetously. As for the natural system, it is in an awkward position. The only people who practice natural magic are the jjīng spirits. However, the jjīng spirit clan has the water of life. The effectiveness of the water of life is not necessarily worse than that of the cardamom, and the activities of the jjīng spirit in human beings are really not much, so the natural system is often sold at the lowest level. The following auction is natural cardamom! The reserve price is 200,000! Because of the special nature of natural cardamom, the price of cardamom is much lower than the first four at this moment. Three hundred thousand! After Shen Qi learned about this situation, he was really happy. It's no use to get the natural cardamom, but my little wife Nicole is pure jjīng spirit. Just buy this one and keep it for Nicole later. Three hundred and ten thousand! The price of Shen Qi was quoted for a long time before someone added ten thousand. It seems that not many people are interested in the natural cardamom. Three hundred and fifty thousand! Shen Qi increased the price again, but this time no one robbed Shen Qi, so Shen Qi simply bought the natural cardamom at a price of 350,000 yuan. How are Your Highness and Ji Ji āo of the Jjīng Eldar? Dante saw that Shen Qi had bought the natural cardamom and looked at Shen Qi and asked tentatively. Well, I know a few friends of the Eldar, and I'll give them to her later! Shen Qi smiled and said to Dante. At this time, the stage began to auction the dark cardamom. As soon as the host said the bottom price, someone immediately raised the price. First,Nail machine supplier, they were afraid of the dark and did not dare to fight for it. Second, it was useless to get the dark cardamom, so it was cold on the field for a while. One million times! Is there a higher price? The host looked ugly and asked off the court.


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