Online Games of Xiaoyao Overlord (Lonely)

Chapter 526 Abstinence President VS Cute Daughter (25) Tang Yue clearly nodded, is a good choice, find something to do is better

At this time the scorching sun, although it is a game, but the feeling is still with the real, yuan Jianfeng at this time the sweat has been flowing out, the sweat on his face is like a wipe, and the most painful thing is that they have no water, in this plain like a steam oven, if there is no water, yuan Jianfeng doubts that he will die of thirst. yuan Jianfeng couldn't help looking at the old guy, but he didn't look tired now. Instead, Xi Ling and Bai Yi's lips had turned white, and they looked thirsty. Old bastard, do you think there is any water here? We were so thirsty that we couldn't walk. yuan Jianfeng's voice was hoarse, and he felt a sore throat when he said a word. yuan Jianfeng not only scolded the old man Fuge in his heart, but also greeted the family members of the employees of Longyuan Company. The old man Fu Ge heard yuan Jianfeng's words and stopped. He looked at yuan Jianfeng sitting on the ground. It seemed that he was really thirsty. But the old man Fu Ge's words completely made yuan Jianfeng desperate: "Oh my God, this is not my first time here, but I have never found that there is water, which is deadly." yuan Jianfeng is now so thirsty that he doesn't want to talk, his throat is almost smoking, and now the sun is poisonous, yuan Jianfeng's intestines are regretful now, you should know that yuan Jianfeng won't take this task even if he dies, it's really not a ***ing job. Looking at the endless plain,Glass Cream Jars, it's really ***ing painful, since there are so many plants, yuan Jianfeng still can't believe that he can't find water. Take us where you haven't been before, and we'll have to take a chance. yuan Jianfeng said feebly in his hoarse voice. Fu Ge also did not speak, with yuan Jianfeng to walk in the other direction, but the front is still an endless plain, now Xi Ling and Bai Yi around yuan Jianfeng to support him, although yuan Jianfeng fantasy things appear,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, but yuan Jianfeng now has no other ideas, he has no strength to think about those dirty things. In this way, yuan Jianfeng has been walking for more than an hour, and because of physical reasons, the journey is very slow, more tragic is that there is no water source, and the old man seems to be thirsty, and Xi Ling and Bai Yi have been paralyzed in yuan Jianfeng's arms, hey, the mythical beast can not be short of water ah. It's all right if you haven't drunk water before. What's wrong today? Is the system updated again? These yuan Jianfeng is not confirmed, because he found that the friend system can not be used, the list of friends has become gray, yuan Jianfeng knows that he has now entered a special area, otherwise it is impossible to lose contact with the outside world. What the hell is this place? yuan Jianfeng has lost his way, the map provided by the system does not show, if you can not find water really will die of thirst, Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale ,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, yuan Jianfeng can only grit his teeth and insist. yuan Jianfeng and Fu Ge walked for half an hour, yuan Jianfeng really can not walk, and Xi Ling and Bai Yi can not, and yuan Jianfeng fell to the ground together. And yuan Jianfeng found a serious problem, they seem to be in the same place, simply can not go to the end, this discovery yuan Jianfeng was startled, he must have entered the fantasy, or in some magic, the possibility of magic is very small, then there is only one possibility, they entered the fantasy. Hey, boy, there's water here. Come here quickly. At this time, walking in the front of the Fu Ge shouted, yuan Jianfeng was stunned, staggered to stand up, he suspected that there was no water in his body now, his lips were cracked, stood up and walked in the direction of Fu Ge. Every step seems so laborious. yuan Jianfeng also saw that there was really water. It was a big lake. Because there were green weeds beside it, it was hard to find it. yuan Jianfeng didn't know the power of it. He ran over and plunged into the water. What made yuan Jianfeng strange was that the lake was cold. Chapter 91 the land of mystery. What's wrong? Should not ah, even if a large area of water can not be so cold, yuan Jianfeng can feel the biting cold, the contrast is too big, right? Anyway, yuan Jianfeng drank a full in one breath, then filled the container with two large pots of cold water, and Bai Yi and Xi Ling were still lying on the grass. When yuan Jianfeng came to the side of Xi Ling and Bai Yi, Xi Ling and Bai Yi were already brusque and looked spiritless. yuan Jianfeng felt a burst of sadness in his heart. He hurriedly picked up the kettle and gave it to Xiling and Bai Yi. They drank it hurriedly. yuan Jianfeng saw it in his eyes, not to mention how entangled he was. Water in the kettle, Xi Ling and Bai Yi drank and played in one breath, but they were still very weak and did not recover. yuan Jianfeng helped them up and walked to the lake. Moreover, the old man, Fu Ge, had fallen on the grass. yuan Jianfeng scolded him severely: "Damn old bastard, you don't know how to help." Came to the lake here can feel a trace of cool, suddenly the heat around like disappeared half, yuan Jianfeng dare to be sure that here is not normal, but yuan Jianfeng a lot for a while, and did not find anything, just found that the water in the lake did not have a ripple, like stagnant water, yuan Jianfeng can not help a strange. Old man, do you find anything special here? yuan Jianfeng turned his head and looked at Fuge and said. Fu Ge closed his eyes and did not even look at yuan Jianfeng. "Of course, there is a beautiful lake here," he said leisurely. Fu Ge's words almost made yuan Jianfeng angry, but yuan Jianfeng still held back, so angry that he grabbed a handful of weeds and threw them into the lake, which surprised yuan Jianfeng. If it was normal, the weeds would float on the surface of the water for a while before sinking into the low water,Serum Bottle With Dropper, but yuan Jianfeng clearly saw that the weeds had disappeared into the water. And what makes yuan Jianfeng even more strange is that there is no ripple at all. None of this is right. What's going on? yuan Jianfeng could not help but walk past, although I do not know if the lake is dangerous, but yuan Jianfeng decided to try. It's better to hang it back here anyway. The water beside the lake was not so deep that it could be seen at a glance. yuan Jianfeng decided to jump down to see what was going on in this strange lake.


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