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Feel the cold touch on the wrist, Zheng Shaoqiu simply want to cry, go to his delicious, this young master is not delicious! He especially wanted to leave at this time, but the gigolo was so strong that he could not move his hand when he was caught.

Feel the cold touch on the wrist, Zheng Shaoqiu simply want to cry, go to his delicious, this young master is not delicious! He especially wanted to leave at this time, but the gigolo was so strong that he could not move his hand when he was caught. 2 · 8 · Chinese · Chinese · Web The three of them stepped into the Dongdu Hotel one after the other. In less than a minute, Shen Xiuyuan and Gu Rong also stepped in together. Today's hotels, due to various reasons, the style of food is naturally not as good as before the end of the world, and the price is not cheap, to consume naturally will not be ordinary people. It was already noon, and there were very few guests in the ordering hall. yuan looked around downstairs and pulled Zheng Shaoqiu straight to the dim sum area. This He pointed to the strawberry cake in the glass cabinet and turned to look at Jane. Not surprised by his sweet taste, Jane nodded and ordered five pieces for him. We're all acquaintances. It's better to get together. Just then, Shen Xiuyuan came over with Gu Rong, his eyes swept over Zheng Shaoqiu, a cold color. Good, how lively the crowd is! The voice just fell, Zheng Shaoqiu immediately echoed, a look of wanting to see a good show. Jane raised her eyebrows with a half-smile, noncommittal and unopposed. After ordering their own dishes, the five people, who seemed to be at odds with each other, sat down in the box. At the moment when Shen Xiuyuan appeared, yuan had already loosened Zheng Shaoqiu's hand and returned to Jane's side. In this regard, Jane said that her cute little boy was really cute. Because of her own constitution, she did not like the big fish and meat on the table, which are now rare. She asked for a cup of watermelon juice and did not move her chopsticks. yuan,Teardrop Pallet Racking, on the other hand, has a soft spot for sweets and is single-minded in dealing with the strawberry cake. Shen Xiuyuan dining at the same time, Yu Guang has been around yuan, for him, yuan is a new face, and obviously has a close relationship with Jane. And the strange dress of wearing sunglasses all the time also made him curious, and he intuited that this was not an ordinary person. However, when he saw yuan eating cake, the corners of his mouth were full of cream, his eyebrows were deeply wrinkled. There's cream at the corners of the mouth. Jane caught a glimpse of this,heavy duty cantilever racks, smiled softly, and handed over the towel at hand. yuan grabbed the strawberry cake in both hands, looked at the towel and stopped moving, hesitated for a moment, then raised his chin and leaned against Jane. Seeing this, Jane was a little helpless. She raised her hand and wiped the cream from the corners of his mouth with a towel. Suddenly, she had the feeling of raising a son. Tut, I want to be your white face! Zheng Shaoqiu looked at this scene with great interest. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of Shen Xiuyuan's poor expression. He filled his brain with a lot of things and said leisurely. Jane bent her lips and her eyes were full of smiles. "Sorry, the quota is full. However, you can consider acting as a gigolo. I think he is quite satisfied with you." But this young master is not satisfied! Zheng Shaoqiu secretly cursed a sentence, his expression suddenly stagnated, he just wanted to see the play, but did not want to draw fire. This is still a child. I didn't expect you to have such a strong taste. Shen Xiuyuan slowly put down the chopsticks, originally cold and hard complexion, at this time mixed with irritability, it appears extremely bad. Not as good as you, knowing that it is a pit of fire, drive in racking system ,shuttle rack system, but also jump duty-bound! Jane's face was cold and she choked directly. She said she didn't understand the brain circuit of this person at all. She didn't look like an indecisive and affectionate person. She didn't know why she was so procrastinating. Knowing that there is a tiger in front of us, naturally there is a reason. Are you back, too? Shen Xiuyuan quietly played a riddle, in addition to Jane, the rest of the few people only listen to a confused. Jane shook her head, her face flashed sarcasm, and she did not make a sound again. After a hasty meal, Chien and yuan stayed at the Dongdu Hotel, and the room rate, which seemed expensive to others, was nothing to her. With the passage of time and adaptation in the end times, the rules and regulations of all parties are gradually on the right track. As one of the four bases, there is no doubt that the security of Dongdu base is in the forefront, even more harsh than before the end of the world, after all, human life is not valuable in this world. At night, the noisy base gradually fell into silence, and Jane and yuan jumped out of the hotel window and landed neatly. Things should be on the top floor of the Dongdu Pavilion, and then you will stay outside. Hidden in the dark, looking at the nine-story building in front of him, Jane lowered her voice and said to yuan. yuan nodded his head gently. Seeing this, Jane no longer dragged, pointed forward, the body has quickly climbed up the outer wall of the tall building, as if performing flying skills, quickly went to the top floor, then pried open the window, turned over and entered. Whoo, whoo, whoo. "Whoo whoo whoo." …… At the moment of turning over the window and entering, the art of time stagnation failed, and the expected alarm sounded sharply and constantly. Jane ignored it at all, and went straight to her own purpose by memory. Inside the Dongdu Museum are antiques of various Dynasties collected before the end of the world, as well as some hidden objects that are difficult to explain scientifically. The security measures are the tightest in the entire Dongdu base, except for the administrative building and the research Institute. In addition to the powers on the surface, all kinds of high-tech equipment are everywhere. Jane's art of time, in fact, can let oneself quietly sneak in, but this time, in the premise of hiding her identity, in addition to get that thing, she also needs to attract more people's attention here. Chapter 213 the glory of the end (17). The collection of the Dongdu Museum is more precious and taboo as it goes up, and the defense is typically loose outside and tight inside. Within a few steps, a middle-aged man suddenly jumped down from the top. 2 · 8 · Chinese · Chinese · Web His whole body momentum climbs, is close to the strength of level six, looking at Jane's face as heavy as water, with a dignified look: "How dare you!" "Stagnation!" With a light laugh, Jane did not argue with him, but directly used the art of time to imprison the time around him. With a jerk of the black whip, he hooked his neck and pulled it hard, crushing his throat. Withdrawing the whip, Jane walked quickly to the left area without looking at the body on the ground. The top floor was extremely empty because of the small collection, but Jane did not dare to step in rashly, and entered the inner circle where the collection was placed, and traps were everywhere. She is now level seven, the time of the art of coverage is 30 meters, the time limit of three minutes,asrs warehouse, three minutes is not enough for her to reach the goal, after all, she only knows the general location. jracking.com


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