The Queen's new clothes ...

Qin Kun did not know that Guo Xiaoya was now stimulated, he only remembered that after a passionate kiss, Zhou Yiming did not open his mouth for a long time, but Qin Kun found that he looked at Guo Xiaoya's eyes, some different.

Zhu Yang was suddenly a little irritable: "Who knows?"? I dumped him because he had a bag on his skull. Forget it. Don't mention him. I'll be angry if I carry him. Wang Bei said in her heart that you mentioned it yourself, but there was also a wink to change the subject. So he turned around and asked Lu Xin, "Little Lu, your first love." The words just said half to see Lu Xin's expression, was frightened to go back, do not know how he suddenly so black face. But the next second the other side looked as usual, so that Wang Bei almost thought he was wrong. Zhu Yang, who was walking in front, waved his hand and said, "Do you still need to ask?"? He must have never been in love. Crooked topic point to stop, Zhu Yang they came out of Miss Cui's room, outside a few people have been in the tea table side. Zhu Yang sat on the main seat and watched Li Li kneel down in front of them. The stalker was cleaned up last time, and now he broke the pot and said, "You can't stop me. I really love yuan." "Oh, true love!" Zhu Yang said carelessly, and then looked at the big box next to it, which this guy was holding in his hand at that time: "What is this?" Miss Cui's eyes glanced up and she was so disgusted that she wanted to vomit and was ashamed to say it. But Zhu Yang asked her to endure the nausea and said, "It's the mess of things collected by this pervert." There's the toothbrush I threw away, the snot paper I used,tile profile factory, the hamburger I ate at school last week, all the things I used. And, and he said — At this point, Miss Huo closed her eyes mercilessly: "He said he was thinking about my dirty underwear." Li Lizheng rummaged through the box of things, and when he heard this, he immediately drew back his hand like an electric shock and almost vomited. In this way, the boy is still shouting: "yuan, this is true,tile trim manufacturers, I only think of you when I play, not others." Miss Cui is almost nauseated. Zhu Yang nodded: "It seems that he really loves you." Miss Cui looked up in horror and looked at Zhu Yang in disbelief. Listen to her then: "Since it is true love, presumably the next test is very easy to pass." Then he snapped his fingers and said, "Feed these to him." Suddenly there was a sound of breathing in the hall, but Li Li was so excited that he immediately found a pair of chopsticks. Holding a piece of snot paper on the box, he stuffed it into the stalker's mouth. "Don't worry, your underwear, I will be the main course for you until the end," said the frontier plug with a grim smile. The man was caught off guard by several pieces of snot paper, almost spit out, but he was just about to spit by Li Li pinched his mouth. Then he saw the woman sitting on the sofa grinning, "Since it's true love, enjoy it, china tile trim ,aluminium edge trim, or do you feel sick and don't want to eat it?" "Hello!"! What kind of true love is it that you don't even want to eat the snot of your beloved woman? Chapter 19 The stalker is in a miserable state at the moment, and the landlord can't bear it. To tell you the truth, his long-term tenants here all have problems, such as domestic violence, bullying at school, and perverted stalkers. But there is a saying that the noble personality has its own charm, while the inferior soul is a nest of snakes and rats. The landlord, as a despicable person who is greedy for money and lust, naturally has three views that coincide with Teacher Qiu's husband and the stalker. If these three people use the online description of diaosi cancer, even the stench is the smell of a pit. So he never stopped Teacher Qiu's husband, and even thought that women should be beaten, otherwise they would not go to the house for three days. Also never feel stalker's practice has any problem, even in the heart of Miss Cui's ungrateful extremely despise, feel that she hangs others, otherwise how to make up all day long to wear such a short skirt in front of men? So he could not understand the pain of Teacher Qiu and Miss Cui. On the contrary, two'brothers' who were congenial to him were cleaned up tonight, which made him quite dissatisfied with the group's overbearing behavior. But he did not dare to offend him, thinking that his little brother would be beaten up and thrown out at most, but he did not expect to suffer so much. He couldn't bear to look at it, so he said to Zhu Yang cautiously, "Miss Zhu, is this a bit too much?"? The Zhang brothers are also infatuated, but they just use the wrong method without a wink. Young men, who are not silly to make women angry all day long? You see, it's so late. Why don't you forget it? Let's go upstairs and have a rest. ” Zhu Yang glanced at the landlord and said with a smile, "I'm just fulfilling his infatuation." "Look at Miss Cui. She is beautiful, has a good figure and is a top student in a famous university. She is also independent. She can earn money to support herself and supplement her family at a young age." "Where is such a good girl not in demand?"? There's a lot of competition. You're a fat nerd who wants money without appearance. Hard conditions can't catch up with people. You have to make up for it with more sincerity, right? "Otherwise, how can there be such a good thing if you just want to get a beautiful woman by shameless entanglement?" "What man couldn't do what he did?"? It's just disgusting. If you want to stand out, you have to show the ability to deter other suitors. Then he pointed to the stalker who was being stuffed with an expired hamburger by Li Lisi: "You see, after this, if he goes out and says that he dares to eat these things in order to chase Miss Cui, does this make the other boys bow to the wind in awe, and finally sigh that it is better to hide their faces and retreat?" "Beating the competition fair and square is the right way to pursue girls." "Yes!" Miss Cui looked at that disgusting pervert and finally one day showed a disgusting expression, the heart was extremely happy. Influenced by Zhu Yang, she also learned a trick. She said to the landlord with a sneer, "Don't you always advise me not to just look at whether a man is rich or not, and how he looks, but to look at my heart?" "I'm looking at it now. Why are you two so pretentious?"? You forgot that he once insisted on giving me a bottle of water, but he drank it. When I refused, he said I disliked him. "Then don't dislike me now. Even if he dislikes me, don't dislike himself." Pointing to the underwear that was poured out, he endured nausea and said, "Yes,aluminum tile edge trim, I'm afraid it's not easy to swallow these raw." "You see, you always clap your hands and support him when you show your love to him. Today, you even put him in my room. Now you can help him." 。


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