President, he's paranoid.

The two of them, after all, are strangers. Now, she has got happiness. If possible, she hopes that Ye Nanqing can also find happiness, instead of trapping himself in the past. Turning her head, Xia Qi looked at Jun Jinyan, only to find that he was staring at her all the time, and in the li

The two of them, after all, are strangers. Now, she has got happiness. If possible, she hopes that Ye Nanqing can also find happiness, instead of trapping himself in the past. Turning her head, Xia Qi looked at Jun Jinyan, only to find that he was staring at her all the time, and in the light of his eyes, there was some kind of worry. He.. Looks like she needs to give him more security! Xia Qi smiled, raised her hand and put it on the back of Jun Jinyan's hand on the table. "It's just a news." Jun Jinyan's body shook, some kind of light flashed in his eyes, and then nodded gently, "Well." In the evening, after feeding her daughter, Xia Qi just buttoned her clothes, Jun Jinyan hugged her from behind, buried his head in her shoulder socket, and sniffed her breath. Now she has more milk fragrance than ever before. Kiki, you. He hesitated for a moment, but still said,alumina c799, "aren't you worried about Ye Nanqing?" Xia Qi moved in her heart and asked, "Why do you ask that?" His voice sounded deeper, and his arms around her tightened more and more. "The Four Seas Group is bankrupt, and the assets of the Ye family will be completely empty. Maybe his future life will be turned upside down, so don't you worry?" Xia Qi replied, "He has his own life, and the person who should worry about him should not be me, but another person who can accompany him for a lifetime." Jun Jinyan was silent for a moment and suddenly said,ceramic igniter electrodes, "Sihai Group was not forced to go bankrupt by Junshi, but Ye Nanqing himself took the initiative to force Sihai Group to go bankrupt." Xia Qi was startled and turned to look at Jun Jinyan in surprise, unable to believe what she had just heard. Was it Ye Nanqing himself who made the Sihai Group go bankrupt? Is it possible?! Isn't Sihai Group the property of the Ye family? Why would he.. Suddenly, her mind flashed through the downpour, Ye Nanqing had been caught in the rain, whispering in her ear, "Qi, I am a bastard." Is it because of the illegitimate child? So Will he use this way to destroy the Sihai Group? "Kiki, do you have something in mind?" Jun Jinyan's voice sounded in Xia Qi's ear. Xia Qi came to her senses and looked at Jun Jinyan and nodded, "well.". However That concerns some of Ye Nanqing's secrets, so I can't. Before she had finished speaking, he had raised his hand to her lips. "Does that secret have anything to do with you?" Xia Qi shook her head. So Jun Jinyan didn't ask this question. For him, Ye Nanqing actually has any secret, he is not interested, ceramic bobbin element ,Ceramic Bobbin, as long as he knows, Ye Nanqing deliberately made the four seas group bankrupt, and Qiqi has nothing to do, that is enough. Once, he hoped to completely trample Ye Nanqing under his feet, thinking that only in this way could the man be completely erased from Qiqi's heart. But now.. Her eyes, her words, but all let him understand, no matter her heart, for Ye Nanqing in the end is what kind of feelings, but that feelings, are absolutely not love. The person she loves is just him! "That's enough, Kiki." Jun Jinyan murmured, "It's enough for me to know that it has nothing to do with you." …… Because of the bankruptcy of Sihai Group, Lu Xiaoxu naturally had to start looking for a job again. Although Jun Jinchen said that he could help her find a good job, Comrade Lu Xiaoxu still had the ambition to earn his own living. So he began to send a lot of resumes on the website to see what kind of job he could find with his own strength. After the interview, she often runs to Xia Qi's apartment, chatting with her friends while teasing little Jun Yuexi. For this little guy, Lu Xiaoxu is how to see how like, straight shouted that he is the child's godmother. Fortunately, Jun Yuexi is not a strange doll, usually as long as someone holds her, Jun Yuexi is willing to "exchange" feelings with each other. So, usually the final result is that Lu Xiaoxu keeps kissing the little guy's tender face, and then Junyue cherishes the saliva on Comrade Lu Xiaoxu's face. The little fellow's smile at this time could not make any sound, but grinned, and belonged to an unconscious state. But Lu Xiaoxu usually feels good about herself and thinks that it's because the little guy likes her, so he kisses her more happily. How did the interview go? Xia Qi poured a glass of juice and handed it to Lu Xiaoxu. That's it. He said he wanted me to go back and wait for news. Lu Xiaoxu replied, of course, usually such a reply represents no chance. Are you really not going to let Big Brother help you? Xia Qi asked. Now the job is not easy to find, although Xiaoxu has one year's work experience, but because of the bankruptcy of Sihai Group, many employees of Sihai Group are now looking for new jobs, invisibly, it has become a competition. Xia Qi can often hear friends say that every time they interview, they meet several old acquaintances of Sihai Group and so on. It can be seen that the companies they interview are usually similar. Um. Probably. Look for it again. Lu Xiaoxu said, looking at Xia Qi's original pile of room decoration books spread out in front of the table, "Why did you suddenly read these books?" "I want to refer to it and draw some design drawings. When my mother comes back from Switzerland, she can live in the apartment next door." Xia Qi replied, this floor, at the beginning, in order to be quiet, the two apartments next to it were also bought. But I bought it, but it has never been decorated inside. Xia Qi and Xia Mei talked on the phone these days, knowing that her mother's body was recovering well, and that her mother also wanted to return home, so Xia Qi wanted to clean up the apartment next to her. Volume 13 [630] "When will Auntie return home?" Lu Xiaoxu asked. In the past few days,10g Ozone Generator, I have asked someone to clean the house in Z city. My mother said she wanted to live there first after returning home. Xia Qidao. Lu Xiaoxu added, "If your mother goes back to the old house, your uncle will go to your mother again." 。


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