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Grandmother's complexion did not improve because of Hang's mother's words. Instead, she untied the burden sent by Eleven Niang with some irritability: "Don't say these messy things.." Look at what Eleven Niang has done for us. Grandpa?

From the age of seven to twenty-four, he collected so many pictures of her, some of which she didn't have. My mother died when I was twelve years old. When I arrived there, she was covered with blood and covered with white cloth. The housekeeper told me that my mother had a car accident because she wanted to go back to the merchant to see me. Although my mother and I were not very close, after all, it was the person who gave birth to me. So at that moment, I hated the merchant and Shang Zhen. If he didn't divorce my mother, She didn't have to take so much trouble to see me, so I closed my heart and let him live alone and proud in the castle I cast, where no one was allowed to enter. Later, you appeared in a white dress like that. They said that your father often beat you and was not good to you. They said that you suffered a lot, but you smiled beautifully and stood beside me. I wonder why you can laugh so happily. What's so funny? "Then, I morbidly began to retaliate against you, to Shang Zhen, to your mother's hatred on you, in this way, your smile slowly disappeared, disappeared in the towering walls of the merchants, I know how much I miss your smile." "Yaoyao, I thought I would be lonely all my life, I thought I would be lonely all my life, at that time even Ji Xiaoxi I did not hold the idea of everlasting with her, but only you, when I knew you were going to school in the capital, until you escaped from my sight like that,hot tub wholesale, until I could no longer find you, I did not know that so many years of entanglement was just because I could not let you go." "Yaoyao, are you willing to let me heal yesterday's sadness for you, to let me be by your side, to let me hold you, kiss you, hug you, to share all the things in life with me, we raise big and small stars together,outdoor whirlpool tub, and then have a small moon, you say you don't want to have ten children, then it depends on you, not ten, as long as the stars and the moon!" Eyes wide open, tears sliding down from the corner of the eye, heart trembling slightly, tears blurred to see a ring appear in the screen, and then see him slowly kneel down, kneel down in front of her, holding the ring, "Yaoyao please marry me?" It was only a moment, but the person in the picture came out all of a sudden, right in front of her eyes, looking at her so steadily. She bit her lips, pinched her clothes helplessly with her fingers, and stepped back timidly. Yaoyao, will you please marry me? I.. I ......” What are you doing here? Our family is having a meeting. Little Star came back from school, outdoor whirlpool ,Chinese spa manufacturer, only in the living room to see Shang Qixiu, but did not see the figure of Le Yao, eyebrows twisted, some unhappy, after all, this is his first day to go to school, how can this mother not wait for him at home? "Where is mother?" The little star came over, without putting down his schoolbag, and asked Shang Qi to cultivate Taoism. With a plaintive look on his face, Shang Qixiu looked upstairs, pursed his mouth, slowly opened it, and reluctantly said, "Upstairs." The little star glanced at him and lowered his eyebrows. "Are you at odds?" There are only two people at home, but one is upstairs and the other is downstairs. There is only one situation, and that is to quarrel. Shang Qixiu looked upstairs and sighed again. He wanted to make trouble, but Le Yao didn't give him the chance. The little star looked at him like a frosted eggplant, pursed his mouth and walked upstairs with short legs. Shang Qixiu looked at the figure of the little star, sighed for a long time, holding his head with one hand, hey, hey, hey.. He carefully arranged the proposal. He thought about it for several nights, but his hair turned white. As a result, the effect was really good. Yaoyao was only moved. She was moved and did not speak. Then she held the stack of photos and left a sentence. Holding the photo in her arms, she was moved to tears and left a sentence, "I..". I'm going to look at the pictures first. !” He was confused at that time, thinking that he had met a cheater through time. As a result, he left in front of him with a small body. It was a pity that he lost his huge diamond ring. She was standing and talking without pain. How much brain capacity did he use in his proposal design? Now I think I regret it very much. I didn't promise to come today. I don't know when I will promise in the future. Oh, really! Sighed again, directly to a'Ge You paralysis', fell on the sofa can not get up. However, when he just collapsed, there was a sound of footsteps on the stairs, and the little star took Le Yao's hand and came down from above. Shang Qixiu quickly sat up and looked straight at Le Yao as if he had been beaten with chicken blood. To say that before the little star entered the door, his expression was unhappy, but now he was very unhappy. When he came back from school, he saw his mother's red and swollen eyes. The key was that she didn't say a word after asking for a long time. This would lead his mother's subordinates to find the culprit to settle accounts. Did you bully my mother? The little star asked Le Yao to sit down and look like an old man. Shang Qixiu raised his eyes and looked at the woman who looked down at her shoes. "Did she say that?" "Don't go to see my mother. I'm asking you now!" Little star only felt that he was seriously neglected, he clearly asked so seriously, but he was good, a pair of eyes are on his mother. Shang Qixiu pursed his lips and curled them down again. He was also very pitiful. "I didn't," he hesitated. "No, my mother's eyes are swollen." Little star said here, is even more angry, small body side sitting on the sofa, small hands holding Le Yao's small face, gently said, "come on, face up!" Le Yao actually obediently raised his face, Shang Qixiu this is a jealous hate ah, little star that little hand holding her face, hey, this treatment. Look, your eyes are red. The little star pointed to the position next to the eye and felt distressed. Le Yao bit her lip and was looked at so carefully by her son, but she was embarrassed to say why,5 person hot tub, because she was moved by the proposal. She was fine, but she felt that she had been crying all afternoon from twelve o'clock to now. It was better for the little star to come back. Shang Qixiu just wanted to explain, but he heard a knock on the door.

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