My apprentice died again.

At this point, everyone held their breath and wanted to see what the legendary medicine man had buried with him, the furnace God, the elixir, the ancient medicine or the secret book of medicine? Finally, the coffin was opened. There was a skeleton lying in the coffin. It was a thin skeleto

Wang Xuzhi also some do not confirm, "the position is indeed." Before he had finished speaking, something suddenly flashed in front of him. When he got closer, he saw a sign on the side of the road, which was written in a line of black and primitive characters: The end of the world, go straight from here. Two people: "… …" Why do you have the feeling of going out for an outing with road signs? Sister Zhu Yao? What to do? "Let's see first." He continued to follow the road, but the farther he went, the more strange things happened. From time to time, there are various signs on the roadside, 20 miles away from the endless land. 10 miles.. 8 Li. Slowly, the roadside will also appear all kinds of flowers, spiritual springs, and even rest stumps that obviously do not belong nearby. This service is too good, right? Will there be a sign of "five-star scenic spot of endless land"? "The hospitality is so good that I don't know if I can make a meal?" Zhu Yao said jokingly. As a result, less than 50 meters ahead of the roadside, there were a lot of Lingguo, several of which were still rolling happily. Two people: "… …" "Sister Zhu Yao!" Wang Xuzhi's face changed and seemed to say something. Zhu Yao gave him a wink, picked up two fruits,cattle weight tape, stuffed one for him, then pulled him to sit on the stump next to him, wiped the fruit, and shouted, "I wonder if this fruit has been washed?"? Kid, do you still have Lingquan just now? Wang Xuzhi immediately understood and shook his head, "I just finished drinking." "What should I do? I don't eat fruit that hasn't been washed." Wang Xu's face was embarrassed. There was a thump,fish measuring tape, and a bamboo tube filled with water rolled out of the forest, as if it had been blown by the wind, and rolled straight to this side. Over there! Zhu Yao stood up, and a thunderbolt struck in the direction of the bamboo tube. Wang Xu's fingers turned into a chain, instantly turned into a mesh, and went in the direction of the thunder. "A big tree broke at the waist and a white shadow flashed out." Bundle! Wang Xuzhi's net was tied up directly towards the shadow. Unfortunately, the white shadow flew out faster, like a streamer, and fell to the ground into a snow-white monster, with an angry roar. The corner of Zhu Yao's mouth twitched. Isn't this the stupid beast that comes to the peak every day to harass her? It's a big enmity, and it's coming here. Bai yuan Zun! Wang Xuzhi suddenly called out in surprise, "Why are you here?" "Roar ~" The monster bared his teeth discontentedly. That's not the right attitude! Why is the kid so polite to the beast? Kid, Adhesive fish ruler ,Wheel tape measure, is it raised by your school? "No.." No. He is.. Wang Xuzhi shook his head, but did not know where to start explaining. Is it or isn't it? What do you mean? "Honor it." It's not an ordinary monster. Not ordinary? Is it particularly stupid? Wang Xuzhi gave her a look that he would explain to you later. The imperial sword flew into the forest and respectfully saluted the white monster. "I don't know if it's your arrival, so I'm offended. Please atone for your sins." "Roar.." The monster was obviously ungrateful and was so angry that even the hair on his tail exploded. Your honor, we have no choice but to enter the Holy Land, and there is no intention to offend. Wang Xuzhi's face was anxious. "This is my fault alone. If you want to be accountable, please punish me alone. Disciples have no complaints." "Ho, ho, ho." The monster really raised its claws and patted Wang Xuzhi in the past. Shit, Zhu Yao's anger came out and shouted, "How dare you!" The beast shook and its claws stopped on the top of Wang Xu's head. Zhu Yao ran and shouted, "If you dare to shoot it, I'll skin you!" How dare you bully my kid? As if he had just seen her, the beast opened his eyes wider and wider. Before she could walk over, the white shadow flashed and fled in a panic. He climbed up the nearest tree, holding the trunk and shaking like a candle in the wind. He also tried desperately to pull the branches to block the snow-white body of the beast. The whole beast seemed to say, "You can't see me, you can't see me, you can't see!"! As soon as the corner of Zhu Yao's mouth twitched, he remembered the paw it had just slapped at the little kid, and his anger came out again. "Come down!" The trunk trembled.. "Can't you come down?" The trunk is shaking desperately. "I count three." Shaking in disorder in the wind. "One!" The shaking of the storm.. "Two!" A broken shake.. "Three.." Voice did not fall, swish, a snow-white beast appeared in front of her, like a well-trained large dog, squatting, even the eyes dare not blink, to be more obedient. If the whole body is not shaking like an electric shock. (To be continued..) I went out to see the house for a whole day today. The update is late. Chapter 240 you shameless human! "Do you know you're wrong?" Zhu Yao glared at it. Oh.. The monster uttered a cry of grievance. Sister Zhu Yao. Wang Xuzhi looked at the monster, then looked at Zhu Yao, a face is incredible, "you." It. How can.. "Why not?" She wanted to ask? Is he at least the leader of a faction? Why be so polite to a domestic animal? Wang Xuzhi pulled her sleeve nervously, "Sister Zhu Yao, he is." "Roar.." The monster sprouted and roared at one of Wang Xu. Zhu Yao stared back, "shut up!" "Oh.." I was weak in an instant. Zhu Yao raised his hand and patted the animal's head. "As a domestic animal, we should unite and love each other and be close to human beings."? Next time I see you bully my kid, watch your hide. "Oh." Tearful. (?_?) "And don't follow me any more, or I'll really hit you." The beast was stupefied, as if he finally couldn't help it. Tears, like an open faucet, flowed all over the place: "Whoo, whoo, whoo.." (┭┮﹏┭┮) Zhu Yao pulled the corners of his mouth, "still crying!" As soon as the monster shook,Fiberglass tape measure, his tears stopped, but he was choked, "cough up!" I had a hiccup. Don't go yet! ? None ? Wrong ? Novel。

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