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He said to Shen Xialin, "Well, let's go to see him again at noon tomorrow. These days, although we have nothing to do, we have to be careful. It's really hard for you to cook and wash clothes and clean the yard."

As soon as Meng's second couplet came out, everyone was surprised! On the surface, Cai Ji's first couplet says that the freezing rain drifts on the window, with two points in the east and three points in the west; in fact, it is a word splitting, splitting "frozen" into "east" plus "two points", "sprinkled" into "west" plus "three points", and embedding two directional words of "east" and "west". "East" and "West" are dual relations. "Two" and "three" are numerals and form a progressive relation. In this way, there is a couplet in the couplet, and there is a pair in the pair. It is really very tricky, and it is simply absolute. But Rui Meng's second couplet is even more wonderful. He used "cut the melon into pieces" to "sprinkle the window with freezing rain". On the surface, he said that when "cut the melon", it was cut horizontally into "seven knives" and vertically into "eight knives", but the deeper meaning was to split the word. The word "cut" is divided horizontally into two words "seven knives", and the word "divide" is divided vertically into two words "eight knives". "Dao" corresponds to the quantifier "Dian", and the two numerals "Qi" and "Ba" correspond to the two numerals "Er" and "San", which also constitute a progressive relationship. "Qi" and "Ba" are the antithesis of "Dao". Is there a more appropriate second line than this? Xiupuno stood up laughing and walked up to Ruimeng. He stretched out his thumb and said, "Ruimeng is really a young talent. This second couplet is wonderful and impeccable." Cai Lu and others are also generous words of praise, will Rui Meng praise like what, but Cai Ji heart is a little uncomfortable, their four or five years did not think of the second couplet, Rui Meng just a few minutes to come up, there is a gap, but such a gap is too big! And Rui Meng a pair up,calcium ammonium nitrate price, that shows that Cai Ji did not pass the'exam ', also not qualified to marry Rui Meng. Looking at Rui Meng, who was being complimented by everyone, Cai Ji couldn't help it any longer. She squatted on the ground with her head in her hands and burst into tears. Her crying frightened everyone. Rui Meng was also stunned. Her heart said, "No?"? It's just not right! As for? Cai Lu seems to know why cai Ji cry, for sixteen years, cai Ji because of the early start, the environment is better than others,calcium nitrate sol, coupled with natural intelligence, let her accomplishment in literature and attainments than all the talented people of the same generation to be profound, and because of the early made many honors, also makes the heart is not fully mature she produced a proud mood, And this kind of emotion directly into the bone, eyes above the top, will not put anyone in the eye, it is like a ship, too smooth sailing at the beginning, suddenly encountered a blow, it is easy to cause the consequences of sinking, now Cai Ji encountered such a situation, years of pride was once broken, but also trampled on the ground, crazy kicked one hundred and eighty feet, That kind of taste is really not good. Cai Lu sighed and walked up to Cai Ji, saying, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide price, "Cai Ji, now you know the truth that there are people outside."! It's not terrible to be hit. What's terrible is that you can't stand up again under the blow. Cai Ji, you are Grandpa's pride. You used to be, you are now, and you will be in the future. Don't be knocked down. Stand up. Everyone looked at Cai Lu preaching to his granddaughter and sighed a little sadly. Metheus and Chamberlain, who should have been happy, shook their heads and sighed to themselves. Then Rui Meng also walked to Cai Ji's side, squatted down and looked at Cai Ji, who gradually stopped crying, and said, "Miss Cai, as a man, the most intolerable thing is that his woman's character is not good. The reason why I refuse you is that you are too arrogant, even arrogant. Now you, forgive me for speaking frankly, it is really unbearable." "You.." Cai Ji suddenly raised his head, twisted his face and glared at Rui Meng, but Rui Meng calmly looked at her, without the slightest intention of evading, two people so big eyes stare small eyes, performing the skill of killing people with their eyes. You don't have to take care of my business, and you don't have to take care of my temper. You're not my person. Why should you take care of me? "Cai Ji stood up and shouted at Rui Meng. The crowd was stunned. They really didn't expect that from a scholarly family, the first talented woman in the world would lose her temper like this. She was a shrew like that. Yes, she was cursing in the street. Ruimeng was also stupefied. He didn't expect that he was kind enough to say something about her, but he got a scolding. However, as the saying goes, a good man doesn't fight with a woman. Ruimeng stood up, smiled, opened his arms, and said, "Come here and cry in my arms." See Rui Meng this unexpected move, everyone is stupefied, but more to their consternation, Cai Ji actually really rushed into the arms of Rui Meng, burst into tears. Rui Meng held her in his arms and comforted her repeatedly, "Cry out!"! A woman should not pretend to be so strong, strong is the privilege of men, as long as women learn to be gentle and considerate. As soon as they saw that things had come to this point, they all consciously walked out of the hall. When Xiupuno was about to go out, Rui Meng said, "Your Majesty, I have something important to say to Your Majesty later. Please stay." "Oh?" Xiupuno could not see through Ruimeng now, but he felt vaguely that what Ruimeng wanted to say to him was important, so he nodded and said, "All right!"! The king of my country will go to the fourth floor first. When you are finished, let my guards take you there. With these words, Hypno nodded to one of the guards beside him and walked out of the hall. After everyone left, Rui Meng picked up Cai Ji at the waist and sat down in front of a chair. He crossed his legs and let Cai Ji sit on his lap and cry heartily. Rui Meng put one hand on Cai Ji's shoulder and touched her buttocks with the other hand. He exclaimed to himself: "The little girl feels really good. She really deserves to be a daughter. She seems to have no bones on her body." Rui Meng so hugged Cai Ji, let her cry heartily, also do not know how long to cry, Rui Meng estimated almost more than half an hour, Cai Ji finally stopped crying,caustic calcined magnesite, but unfortunately, when the cry stopped, Cai Ji also fell asleep. stargrace-magnesite.com

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