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The question in my mind was perceived by Xianyun in an instant. He was very aggrieved and said to me: "These kids don't understand at all. It's not that the more fragrant the medicine is, the better it is.

"Why?" Ren Qianyou froze for a moment and smiled bitterly. Because he always faces the most dangerous situation! Jin Tie's ability is actually very strong before. Jin Tie's ability can be said to be more powerful than Ren Qianyou, but Jin Tie's ability to defend is too strong, before the laser appeared, almost no one can really hurt his super hard body, and because of this, he can not face too much crisis, so the ability naturally did not improve. Human ability comes from its own desire, if a desire is pure and strong, there is a small chance to produce ability, and the evolution of ability is the same, the improvement of ability is not equal to evolution. In other words, ability is the power sealed in human genes, which exists, but not all people can control it. I see Jin Tie saw the subtext of Ren Qianyou's silence. Although he faced many enemies at the same time, the pressure on Ren Qianyou was several times that of Jin Tie and others, dozens of times. He had been used to all the things arranged by Ren Qianyou. Recently, he felt more and more inadequate. If he went on like this, he could only drag Ren Qianyou down. This ability is a little slower to use than normal peeping charms, so I need to be more sensitive. Ren Qianyou said,metal racking systems, "that's why I have to have special training." "What a wonderful ability!" Qin Yinghao smiled helplessly, "before I thought the ability was just to move things with my mind, or shoot out a little flame, electricity or something." "You can't all have this kind of ability in that divine thunder." "It's a hidden thunder!" Qin Yinghao was very dissatisfied with Ren Qianyou's mistake in remembering their names, but he could only nod helplessly, "almost." It's all that. Ren Qian shrugged his shoulders and said, "In fact,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, there is a huge gap between the nature of ability and its essence. Even if you move things with your mind, there are many possibilities. The nature of ability depends on a person's imagination. In other words, the world is something you dare to think about.." Perhaps your military status limits the development of their abilities. Soldiers are always stuffy and prim. Ren Qianyou shrugged his shoulders helplessly, and Qin Yinghao was thoughtful. Volume 4 Hongmen Feast Chapter 286 Midnight Surprise Ren Qianyou's special training lasted less than five days. In these five days, Ren Qianyou has made everyone sincerely admire him. Those who cooperated with him in training have almost worshipped him as a God. And the results, is also remarkable, Ren Qianyou has been able to dodge almost all the bullets in any situation, and after the third day, Ren Qianyou asked these people and the original knife and gun, with a sniper rifle sniping him, and Ren Qianyou returned to his own life, and the outside world is that he suffered from heatstroke, rest for three days. In fact, industrial racking systems ,Automated warehouse systems, Ren Qianyou found that these special training did not have much effect on himself, the only progress he made was that he had no fear of bullets. And it seemed that the sniping of swords and guns against him at the beginning was the real special training. It was elusive. Under any circumstances, it was possible to be attacked at any time. And the wonderful timing, the almost impeccable angle, made him feel dissatisfied with the soldiers who cooperated with his special training. The same soldiers, how could the difference be so big. Ren Qianyou always sighs with regret. Unfortunately, from that day on, Ren Qianyou never saw the sword and gun again. When he asked Qin Yinghao, Qin Yinghao said mysteriously that the sword and gun were also in special training. What is the special training of knife and gun? Ren Qianyou, of course, did not know that the sword and gun were stimulated by him and went to practice marksmanship for the second time. He did not believe that there were targets in the world that he could not shoot, and Ren Qianyou did not believe that there were bullets in the world that he could not avoid. That day, when Ren Qianyou asked Qin Yinghao that they didn't have a laser gun here, Qin Yinghao finally couldn't help it and kicked Ren Qianyou out at the same time. The good news finally came from God's ear that he had found a controlled ability! Ren Qianyou did not know how he was sure that the ability was controlled, because they did not restrict his actions, but let him move. At the same time, almost everything on Ren Qianyou's side was ready, and almost everyone was on standby 24 hours a day. But the conflict is faster than everyone thinks! That night, Ren Qianyou had just fallen asleep, and before he fell asleep, he heard a sudden commotion outside. Ren Qianyou and the four of them jumped up almost at the same time. Ren Qianyou's coat was originally made of paper, and his underwear was not taken off. So the first one jumped out of his window, followed by Xu Jun, who was born in martial arts after all. But not the ability, the exercise of the body is much better than the other two. Ren Qianyou's eyes turned to the west, and found that there was a bright light, and at the same time there was a faint shout, as if there had been a fight. At the same time, Ren Qianyou found Lei Lu rushing in and shouted, "Now it's the army's exercise at night.". Students, leave the dormitory rigorously! Close the windows! Ren Qianyou lived in a huge barracks, where more than ten people could live. Now the others were pointing at the guys who dared to jump out of the window and shouting, "Drillmaster, they ran away!"! Run away! A few of them must be jealous of Ren Qianyou a few people actually bold to escape under the eyes of the drillmaster to see the drill, they also want to see ah, so particularly unloyal to remind the drillmaster Ren Qianyou a few people as. I'll get them back, and you stay here! Lei Lu brought a small soldier to guard the door, but he left in a hurry. Of course he didn't want to catch Ren Qianyou and others. When he went out, he ran after the place where Ren Qianyou and others disappeared. On the other side, the huge body of the black tower of gold and iron had already appeared in the passage between the barracks, running wildly to the place where the commotion had taken place. Ren Qianyou slowed down his speed and waited for a moment. You yuan and Liao Kunming had already caught up with him. Of course, Liao Kunming was still holding his guitar. I'll go first, and you can follow me later. Ren Qianyou really can't wait,push back racking system, he is afraid that the situation over there is out of control, if let the Phoenix wing escape, it will be bad.

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