How lucky I am to marry you.

Hearing this, Meng Gan laughed and shook his head. Then I replied, "I don't know who those people are, but the word" cloud "is written on the weapons of those soldiers.

"Luo Shao, my aunt and I are just too worried about Sister Xiao Yue.." Luo Yishen interrupted Fan Yumo coldly: "Miss Fan, the Second Young Lady doesn't have your sister. Don't be too gallant. You'd better go back." Fan Xiuhua's face changed slightly. With a forced smile, she said to Luo Yishen, "Yishen, you've gone too far. Yu Mo and I are here to care about Xiao Yue." She looked at Mu Xianggong's attitude and Luo Yishen's tone of voice, as if they knew something, and Fan Xiuhua was worried. ps: Oh, how can you do that? I really didn't mean to get stuck. Chapter 198 cutting the grass without uprooting the roots, the spring breeze blows again. "I'm sorry, Brother Xianggong." Fan Yumo bit his lip and said, "We don't mean anything else. I don't know who stirred me up at that time. I rushed forward uncontrollably.". Sister Xiao Yue also fell down. It's my fault. I'm sorry. "Get out." Mu Xianggong didn't even look at her. He said coldly, "Don't let me say it twice." "Xiang Gong" "Auntie, please go back." Mu Xianggong also did not give face. He temporarily forbore, is waiting for Xiao Yue to come out, there is a piece of evidence. If the second aunt plays others as a fool again and again, don't blame him for being unkind. Fan Xiuhua's face is not very good. But at this time the heart is more perturbed, she guessed to Mu's emotional changes, but even more frightened her. Fan Yumo also froze, she did not expect Mu Xianggong's attitude to her aunt is also so cold and heartless,disc air diffuser, he did not believe what they said? Fan Weijie, who had followed him, could not bear to look at him. He frowned and said, "Ershao, you have gone too far, my aunt." "You shut up." Mu Xianggong stared at him with deep eyes, and then took it out indifferently. Dialed a number, the voice of the cold command: "Call ten security to come over." Suddenly,rapid sand filters, a bell broke the deadlock atmosphere, Luo also took a deep look at the caller ID, busy away after the answer. His expression gradually became more and more dignified, and finally he breathed heavily. Fan Weijie opened his eyes wide. Stunned at Mu Xianggong. Exclaimed, "Mu Ershao.". What are you going to do? "Do you want someone to beat him?" Mu Xianggong's deep eyes were full of sarcasm: "It's very noisy here. I just want to be quiet." Fan Weijie immediately choked and his face turned red. Fan Xiuhua and Fan Yumo had a white face, and it was enough to stick their hot faces to their cold buttocks. After they looked at each other, they turned around and walked away. If you don't go, do you have to stay here and wait to be driven away? That would be a disgrace. Fan Weijie obviously also understood this truth, even if to Mu Xianggong not to give way, also could only follow to leave, he could not afford to lose this person. Wait, "Luo Yishen stepped forward and stopped the three men." I would like to ask Luo Shao what this means. "Fan Yumo was nervous. She had just noticed that Luo Yishen knew that after he answered the phone, the whole person's temperament became fierce.". Luo also smiled deeply, but it was a pity that the smile was not enough. "You are so concerned about Mrs. Ershao. You have to wait until Mrs. Ershao comes out safely before you leave. Mrs. Ershio is just too worried about his wife. You just wait quietly. He won't mess up." Fan Xiuhua looked at Luo Yishen. His attitude was completely different. He obviously had something in his hands. But she was sure that the surveillance video had been destroyed and it was impossible to find evidence. She calmed down a little and said lightly, multi disc screw press ,disc air diffuser, "As long as you don't open your mouth, you can drive people away." Fan Yumo felt that things were not so simple, she had no bottom in her heart, standing quietly behind Fan Xiuhua, lowering her head to find a way to solve the immediate dilemma. First of all, she can't fall into the object of suspicion. Secondly, she must insist on what she said before, and there must be no language mistakes. In the end, she had to rely on her aunt to play a family card. These days, she was fed up with the strange eyes of all the people outside. If it wasn't for them, how could she end up despised by everyone? She didn't do anything wrong. She was just venting her anger. About ten minutes later, the lights in the operating room went dark, which indicated that the operation was over and Xiao Yue was coming out. Mu Xianggong's eyes became deeper and deeper, his breathing became slow and long, his heart was very nervous, if not good news, he did not know what terrible things he would do. So please make sure it's good news. Mu Xianggong has never prayed as piously as he does now. Behind him, there was a messy sound of footsteps and a familiar deep voice: "Slow down, do you take into account the feelings of the little girl in your stomach when you run like this?" "Second sister-in-law is still in the operating room," Gu's worried voice trembled. Mu Lengqian controlled her speed and said soothingly, "Be good. The operation is over. She's all right." "Really?" "Of course, with so much money invested, if anything happens, the hospital will have to be demolished." Luo also deeply stroked his forehead, and the two of them came over as if no one was talking. Have you ever thought about the feelings of the director of this hospital? "Hey, hey, hey, San Shao, you don't have to threaten me like that." Mu Leng glanced at him modestly, and his eyes seemed to say, "Who are you? Do we know each other?" Luo Yishen: "You are cruel." Fan Xiuhua was surprised at the speed and asked with a smile, "It's Leng Qian and Long Man. Is the charity party over at Tong's house over?" At this time, the doctor came out, and the nurse came out with the operation flat cart. Gu long do not want to say hello to Fan Xiuhua, too false, too hateful, if not Fan Xiuhua, the second sister-in-law does not have to suffer this. So, she didn't even want to do superficial work. She rushed directly to the flat car and looked at Xiao Yue's pale face. She shouted softly, "Second sister-in-law." Xiao Yue was her second sister-in-law and treated her like a sister. As a result, she was almost aborted by Fan Xiuhua and Fan Yumo. It was really bad people who made trouble. She really wanted to clean up the two people. Some people, not if you let her go, she will have a conscience to be a good person. Gu Mang is very angry, more angry than he was calculated. Being ignored by Gu, Fan Xiuhua was stunned at first,Lamella Plate Settler, and then she was so angry that she trembled. Very good, very good. She was ignored one by one, wasn't she.

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