How to Independently Print Great Paperback Books

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More than a few authors publishing their work independently are racking up impressive sales and posing a formidable challenge to old-school publishing houses. They often do it with paperback copies produced with high-quality, perfect bound book printing. Any stigmas about self-published books have faded considerably in the past five to ten years. The quality of the content and the presentation (printing) have improved to a point where it's hard to guess a book's publishing method. Old school publishers and their editors for decades were gatekeepers keeping many writers out; all that has changed by now.

One method that receives an outsized amount of attention is print-on-demand (POD). It's a service provided by large online booksellers to print individual copies of books as ordered. The method protects self-published authors from inventory costs but also saps profits. When your book goes into a POD system, it and you are overshadowed by the publishing service. You become a content creator for an extensive corporate system and become lost in the shuffle. Finding a paperback book printer with digital capabilities and low requirements for the initial print run can help you print a much nicer book.

When you go with a real book printer, you can select the trim size, enjoy cover stock and inside paper options, and do other things that make your book stand out. Uniqueness and individuality support your personal brand and help communicate something about your work. Other content preparation services such as cover designers and editors are also crucial for your book. It needs the support of many professionals as it would receive from a publishing house. The success of any book relies on its quality, and when you do what it takes, you have better chance of success; then, you can write more books. 

You'll need to sell on the website of large online booksellers, but you can warehouse your books elsewhere and find a service to fulfill the orders. If you print a small number of copies ahead, it will speed up shipping. Even with large companies, print-on-demand is well known to get bottlenecked at busy times and cause delays. Your readers and book buyers will be impressed by outstanding customer service, and when you get their books to them quickly, they'll appreciate it. Nicely printed paperback books also improve your presentation to reviewers and the media – you'll want to send them copies.

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