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Studying in Italy is a popular place for international students to pursue bachelor's and master's degrees at universities in Italy. It offers quality higher education with cheaper tuition fees than other Western European countries. There are about 32,000 international students in Italy, including independent students and those in transfer programs. With a rich history and tradition of higher education, Italy has always been an attractive option for students.


Why Study in Italy?

Some of the first universities in Europe were established in Italy during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The University of Bologna, founded in 1088, is still the oldest functioning university. Today, Italy is home to many prestigious institutions of higher learning. Many companies in Italy excel in the QS World University Rankings, appearing in the top 200 each year.

Italy has played a key role in the recent reform of higher education. This reform is called the "Bologna Process". It is also one of the four countries that created the European part of higher education. It was created by signing the Sorbonne Declaration in 1998, which was the first step toward higher education reform. Today the Bologna process is now being implemented across Europe.

There are about 97 universities in Italy, which are divided into several categories:

Government Universities: These are government-funded public institutions and the majority in Italy.

Other publicly funded universities: Funded by the province rather than the state.

Private Universities: NGO funded.

Scuola Superiore Universitaria: These are independent institutions that offer advanced training and research courses that specialize in postgraduate courses.

You will also find 137 institutions of higher learning throughout Italy. These are academies that specialize in certain fields. They range from art, music and dance colleges to research-based and technology companies.

There are many higher education levels in Italy. Completion of the undergraduate course (Bachelor's degree - 'Laria') can lead to postgraduate study and obtaining a Master's degree ('Laria Magistrate). It usually takes 3 years to complete undergraduate courses and 1 year for postgraduate courses. Upon completion of the postgraduate course, the Ph.D. It usually lasts 3 academic years.

Most of the courses and programs offered are taught in Italian, but the number of English language programs available is increasing. So, if your Italian language proficiency is not enough you can find courses teaching in English.


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